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Breitling DC-3 World Tour
(Douglas DC-3 )


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Pilots participating

EHM-2758 Peter BleekemolenKSTLEHM-1829 Trevor BoltonKSTLEHM-2904 Arno De bruijnKSFO
EHM-2684 Andrzej GladkowskiKPHXEHM-2387 Eric-jan OudKPHXEHM-1882 Giancarlo RandazzoKDFW
EHM-2589 David SifuentesKROW  


Varying from easy to difficult. A big variation of long and short legs, paved and unpaved runways, warm, torpical weather, and polar cold will challenge ervery aspect of vintage flying


Rougly following the route of the 2017 Breitling DC-3 World Tour, we take out the trusty old Dakota from the hangar, and travel around the globe.


Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Opens Closes Award
1LSGG CointrinLIMC Malpensa108 deg115 nm16/06/201716/07/2017-
2LIMC MalpensaLDZA Pleso88 deg308 nm26/06/201723/07/2017-
3LDZA PlesoLGKR Ioannis Kapodistrias155 deg406 nm03/07/201730/07/2017-
4LGKR Ioannis KapodistriasLGRP Diagoras116 deg432 nm10/07/201706/08/2017-
5LGRP DiagorasOEHL Hail127 deg876 nm17/07/201713/08/2017-
6OEHL HailOBBI Bahrain Intl98 deg484 nm24/07/201720/08/2017-
7OBBI Bahrain IntlOMDB Dubai Intl103 deg263 nm31/07/201727/08/2017-
8OMDB Dubai IntlOIZC Konarak87 deg273 nm07/08/201703/09/2017-
9OIZC KonarakOPKC Quaid-E-Azam Intl95 deg369 nm14/08/201710/09/2017-
10OPKC Quaid-E-Azam IntlVABB Mumbai137 deg472 nm21/08/201717/09/2017-
11VABB MumbaiVANP Nagpur70 deg369 nm28/08/201724/09/2017-
12VANP NagpurVECC Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose In79 deg532 nm04/09/201701/10/2017-
13VECC Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose InVYMD Chanmyathazi95 deg427 nm11/09/201708/10/2017-
14VYMD ChanmyathaziVTPM Mae Sot Aero156 deg344 nm18/09/201715/10/2017-
15VTPM Mae Sot AeroVTSE 260 deg5,895 nm25/09/201722/10/2017-
16VTSE WMKI Sultan Azlan Shah87 deg6,068 nm02/10/201729/10/2017-
17WMKI Sultan Azlan ShahWSSS Changi137 deg259 nm09/10/201705/11/2017-
18WSSS ChangiWIOO Supadio105 deg337 nm16/10/201712/11/2017-
19WIOO SupadioWBSB Brunei Intl47 deg451 nm23/10/201719/11/2017-
20WBSB Brunei IntlRPVP Puerto Princesa38 deg367 nm30/10/201726/11/2017-
21RPVP Puerto PrincesaRPLI Laoag Intl11 deg517 nm06/11/201703/12/2017-
22RPLI Laoag IntlVMMC Macau Intl301 deg458 nm13/11/201710/12/2017-
23VMMC Macau IntlZSAM Gaoqi60 deg288 nm20/11/201717/12/2017-
24ZSAM GaoqiRCTP Chiang Kai Shek Intl79 deg173 nm27/11/201724/12/2017-
25RCTP Chiang Kai Shek IntlRORY Yoron Apt73 deg404 nm04/12/201731/12/2017-
26RORY Yoron AptRJFK Kagoshima22 deg310 nm11/12/201707/01/2018-
27RJFK KagoshimaRJOO Osaka Intl52 deg297 nm18/12/201714/01/2018-
28RJOO Osaka IntlRJSF Fukushima58 deg283 nm25/12/201721/01/2018-
29RJSF FukushimaRJCB Obihiro21 deg354 nm01/01/201828/01/2018-
30RJCB ObihiroUHSS Khomutovo355 deg250 nm08/01/201804/02/2018-
31UHSS KhomutovoUHPP Yelizovo58 deg712 nm15/01/201811/02/2018-
32UHPP YelizovoPASY Eareckson AS92 deg566 nm22/01/201818/02/2018-
33PASY Eareckson ASPADK Adak NAF98 deg343 nm29/01/201825/02/2018-
34PADK Adak NAFPADU Unalaska71 deg385 nm05/02/201804/03/2018-
35PADU UnalaskaPAPH Port Heiden55 deg326 nm12/02/201811/03/2018-
36PAPH Port HeidenPADQ Kodiak76 deg204 nm19/02/201818/03/2018-
37PADQ KodiakPAYA Yakutat75 deg414 nm26/02/201825/03/2018-
38PAYA YakutatCYZP Sandspit145 deg456 nm05/03/201801/04/2018-
39CYZP SandspitCYVR Vancouver Intl126 deg405 nm12/03/201808/04/2018-
40CYVR Vancouver IntlCYCG Castlegar88 deg218 nm19/03/201815/05/2018-
41CYCG CastlegarKRNT Renton Mun239 deg212 nm26/03/201822/05/2018-
42KRNT Renton MunKACV Arcata191 deg400 nm02/04/201829/05/2018-
43KACV ArcataKSFO San Francisco Intl158 deg217 nm09/04/201806/06/2018-
44KSFO San Francisco IntlKHHR Northrop/Hawthorne Mun138 deg297 nm16/04/201813/06/2018-
45KHHR Northrop/Hawthorne MunKPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl95 deg317 nm23/04/201820/06/2018-
46KPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor IntlKROW Roswell Industrial91 deg375 nm30/04/201827/06/2018-
47KROW Roswell IndustrialKDFW Dallas-Ft Worth Intl93 deg378 nm07/05/201803/07/2018-
48KDFW Dallas-Ft Worth IntlKSTL Lambert-St Louis Intl42 deg478 nm14/05/201810/07/2018-
49KSTL Lambert-St Louis IntlKOSH Wittman Regl14 deg325 nm21/05/201817/06/2018-
50KOSH Wittman ReglCYZR Sarnia (Hadfield)102 deg278 nm28/05/201824/07/2018-
51CYZR Sarnia (Hadfield)CYUL Montreal Intl (Dorval)68 deg397 nm04/06/201801/08/2018-
52CYUL Montreal Intl (Dorval)CYQM Moncton84 deg381 nm11/06/201808/08/2018-
53CYQM MonctonCYYR Goose20 deg463 nm18/06/201815/08/2018-
54CYYR GooseBGBW Narsarsuaq45 deg675 nm25/06/201822/08/2018-
55BGBW NarsarsuaqBIKF Keflavik74 deg650 nm02/07/201829/08/2018-
56BIKF KeflavikEKVG Vagar105 deg432 nm09/07/201805/09/2018-
57EKVG VagarEGPC Wick150 deg250 nm16/07/201812/09/2018-
58EGPC WickEGPH Edinburgh183 deg151 nm23/07/201819/09/2018-
59EGPH EdinburghEGLL Heathrow159 deg288 nm30/07/201826/09/2018-
60EGLL HeathrowLFPP Le Plessis-Belleville139 deg188 nm06/08/201802/10/2018-
61LFPP Le Plessis-BellevilleEDDF Frankfurt/Main76 deg234 nm13/08/201809/10/2018-
62EDDF Frankfurt/MainLOWI Innsbruck146 deg200 nm20/08/201816/10/2018-
63LOWI InnsbruckLSGS Sion249 deg177 nm27/08/201823/10/2018-
64LSGS SionLSGG Cointrin271 deg51 nm03/09/201830/10/2018BreitlingDC3

Signing up for this event is now closed