Flight Simulator 2004, Flight Simulator X and X-Plane

[United Kingdom] EGLL Heathrow

EGLL hub
Opened: Oct 2001Hub Manager: Dominic Mahon

The capital of Great Britain is the largest conurbation in Europe and one of the most interesting cities in the world. It is a lively, bustling and exciting city with many contrasts: futuristic buildings and ancient monuments; crowded and noisy streets and peaceful parks; the traditional and the modern.

Heathrow is the world's busiest international airport and the world's second busiest cargo port. There are over 90 airlines based here, all providing flights to both international and domestic destinations. Heathrow has five main terminals and there are plans to build a sixth. The airport operates a host of passenger facilities and transportation options.

Rank Pilot Flight time Location Sim Last Flight
1 GBUnited KingdomAirline Transport PilotTrevor Bolton5631h 33mSCELMSFS 200418/02/2019
2 GBUnited KingdomAirline Transport PilotBruce Thomas3970h 8mLFLLMSFS X08/02/2019
3 GBUnited KingdomAirline Transport PilotDave Brindley1281h 48mYPPDMSFS X12/02/2019
4 GBUnited KingdomAirline Transport PilotJonathan Davies1234h 40mYDBYMSFS X16/02/2019
5 GBUnited KingdomAirline Transport PilotJames Hutchinson634h 2mYPPDMSFS X17/02/2019
6 FOFaroe IslandsAirline Transport PilotLukas Sulik274h 32mLEVCMSFS 200410/01/2019