Author Topic: Penalty of my previous flight?  (Read 2622 times)

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Penalty of my previous flight?
« on: April 18, 2007, 11:13:07 pm »
This evening this was my second attempt to fly this flight EHM4620 with the E170 on propilot. The first time, 2 days ago,  my flightsim crashed while flying. Now everything went fine until landing.I got the high G force penalty.This has been discussed before in another topic. Being upset a bit about the penalty I submitted my pirep. My pirep was accepted and my hours counted but not accepted as a propilot flight. This has happened once before to me, so this was the second time I got the same message as Christophe a couple of days ago.
I locked another flight EHM5616 with the F70, and I flew a short flight without any problems or penalties. Thats what I thought, but I was wrong. I submitted my pirep and I saw my FAC changed in the negative way, I started with -3511.50 points and after submitting this clean flight I have -4455.70 points.
Is the high G force penalty I got in the previous flight added to this flight? It seems a bit strange to me to add a penalty for a flight that isn't accepted or is something else wrong or has this something to do with the new FAC?

I hope you can help me with this.:>

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Penalty of my previous flight?
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2007, 11:38:52 pm »

Can I refer you to the following topic which Bruno has posted:

If this does not explain your FAC score, then please contact us via email so we can look at the situation and get a clear idea of where the problem may lie.

Many thanks,
Phil Nutt EHM 1703

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Penalty of my previous flight?
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2007, 02:33:30 am »
I have the same problem.

I understand the algorithem. But I get flight penalties, although I did not make a mistake.

In "my flights" it tells me I have 240 penalty points. But this is what I get when I use the algorithem.

Starting Pilot 2079 FAC migration.
Information:Total ProPilot Flights: 13
Information:Total ProPilot Flight minutes: 1440 equals to 24 hours and 0 minutes.
Information:Total Extra Penalties:
Information:Total Flight Penalties: 765.00  
Information:Total Online Flights: 0
Information:Calculation: Total flights x 0.5 + Total Minutes x 0.3 - Total Extra Penalties x 0.7 - Total Flight Penalties + Total Online Flights x 0.9
Information:You new FAC is: -326.5

So everytime I make a perfect flight my penalty point go up.

Is that correct? or is this a mistake?

Hope someone can help


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Penalty of my previous flight?
« Reply #3 on: April 19, 2007, 09:06:41 pm »

I do understand the FAC. The problem is that I recieved a large amount of penalty points of a flight that wasn't accepted as a propilot flight because of loss of the internet connection, and the penalty points were given on my next flight I flew that evening, which was a clean flight. I also looked at the flight analysis in "my flights"and the penalty for that flight is shown as 0.00.

To test what went wrong yesterday I flew a short flight (EHM5615 with the F70). This was also a clean flight without penalties. I was curious what would happen to my FAC. This time the score was calculated in the correct way. My old score was -4455.70 and now is -4441.70 my new score. But it is still at least -900 to high in my opinion.

When I make mistakes which results in a penalty it's no problem for me, but this time it feels strange. I did fly the flight where I recieved the penalty, the pirep was accepted (hours counted), not accepted in propilot, penaly of previous flight
given when I submitted my next flight without any penalties.

Hopefully the problem can be solved with the information I gave you.