Author Topic: So... who's based at LGAV?  (Read 11113 times)

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So... who's based at LGAV?
« on: March 29, 2011, 04:48:25 pm »
Pretty much as the title says, who's based in Athens?

I've just joined EHM at LGAV so wondered who I can expect to me along the way.

Also, what times do you usually fly?  Day time?  Evening?


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Re: So... who's based at LGAV?
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2011, 10:23:54 am »
Hi Lloyd, if you look in the Pilot Roster you could sort pilots for HUB, for instance this is the result for your hub - LGAV

EHM-0471      Peter Hribar   ATP   LGAV    1034:55 Active
EHM-1212      Dorin Florea   ATP   LGAV    918:54 Active
EHM-1328      Willem De Graaf   ATP   LGAV    1339:47 Active
EHM-1449      Juan Pablo Villa Navarro   CC   LGAV    18:11 Away
EHM-1838      Andrew Bourchier   ATP   LGAV    678:23 Active
EHM-1848      Stephen Rose   FO   LGAV    167:16 Banned
EHM-1950      Gerhard Glatte   ATP   LGAV    584:14 Active
EHM-2255      Simon Murry   FC   LGAV    31:23 Frozen
EHM-2520      WALDEMAR PENNA FILHO   ATP   LGAV    132:04 Active
EHM-2583      Dan Moglia   ATP   LGAV    361:37 Active
EHM-2639      Pierre Castonguay   SCC   LGAV    77:39 Active
EHM-QBP3      Lloyd Owers   FO   LGAV    0:00 New

Happy landings and welcome again ;)