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Return of the...
« on: February 28, 2023, 07:41:29 am »
Hi mates,

Robert Szikszo here. After about 10 years of absence I am planning to return to flight simming and also to the community. But is is so hard.

First of all, I was waiting for 2 years so the chip prices were low enough. Finally I could build recently a tough Ryzen system, which can run smooth the long waitied MSFS 2020. But I am not satisfied :D In the good old days with FS2004 and FSX we had a ton of freeware stuff. We could fly almost free to anywhere. We could choose any good aircrafts. Freeware stuff was very good quality at the level of the sim capacity. Some were even better than the sim itself. Also there were a lot of paywere planes and scenery, and I could choose a few at my own taste. But now, I cannot find any good freeware stuff. The sim quality level became so high, it is understandable that noone wants to put hundreds of development hours to not get paid for it. 20€ for this plane 30€ for that airport... as I see it became a very very expensive hobby. I cannot really imagine how can you fly the 40 different EHM aircraft in the new world. OR do you still use FSX or FS2004?

So what is the situation now at EHM? Cheers all!