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Online Flying
« on: November 20, 2010, 09:49:20 am »

Where to fly online?
There are two major networks available for online flying. They are IVAO and VATSIM. Most Euroharmony online events take place on the IVAO network. Which network you want to fly is a matter of personal preference. We do not force someone to fly on a single network. Check out both websites via the links above and make your choice.

Why to fly online?
Imagine a multiplayer in Flight Simulator with hundreds of users, either air traffic controllers or pilots; and you flying your preferred routes guided by real people as air traffic controllers; and see other real people flying in the whole of Europe. VATSIM and IVAO networks provide a realistic environment for online flying, simulating the real procedures as professional as possible. This makes it very attractive, however, on the other side it’s not easy. But don't worry a lot of help is available.

How to fly online?
In short, create an account at IVAO or VATSIM. Install the software and start flying. We advise you to first read the manuals however. The manual for the IVAP software from IVAO can be found here. Also read the Online flying manual and visit the Euroharmony online trainings. The Schedule can be found here.

Which software do I need?
For flying online you will need to install some software on your pc. This software is different for both networks. For flying on IVAO you need to install IVAP to make the network connection. They use a program called teamspeak for voice. IVAP can be downloaded here. To download teamspeak clike here.
The fly on the VATSIM network you wil need to install a program called squawkbox and some other things. They use advanced voice client for their voice. The installation of Squawkbox is more difficult as it is to install IVAP.

Where can I get help?
You can get help in a lot of places. We recommend to start with the online flying manual. You can also look for help on the websites of IVAO and VATSIM. In the training department of IVAO you can find a lot of online flying tutorials.

How do I get started?
After you install the software you need and created an account at either IVAO or VATSIM you are ready to start. For you first flight it is recommended you use a plane you know well and to choose a route you have flown before. In most places it is expected you have charts for the airport and are able to fly a SID.

Is there training available for online flying?

Euroharmony will have online trainings on a regular bases. Check here for recent updates.

Why I can not see other pilots?
either something is wrong with you connection or there is just no one around. You can check if other people are in the neigborohood via the program servinfo. If you do not have servinfo you can download it here. If people are around but you still can not see them try to reconnect.

Do I have to use voice?
It is not mandatory to use voice. It is recommended however as it will be more realistic
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