Author Topic: Installing a flight simulator in Windows Vista/7/[8 and above even]  (Read 3652 times)

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After you've joined a VA is probably weeks or even months too late to be telling you this, but keep this information in mind for the next time you are forced to re-install...

As a VA, we've been in existence for a while, and much of our fleet is (necessarily) freeware with our own installers (made using the ClickTeam installer for those that care).

The latest incarnations of Windows, Vista and 7, introduced lots of new concepts over and above previous versions of Windows that have drastically affected the ability of basic installers (such as we have created) to do what they do; one of the biggest being that the "Program Files" folder(s) are now considered special, and ordinary users/installers can't just go making changes as they please to it/them any more.

To get around these problems, we no longer suggest/recommend that you install your chosen flight simulator software (be that Flight Simulator or X-Plane) to "Program Folders", but you instead make yourself a brand new folder in your drive root, such as "C:\Programs" or "C:\Games", and install your chosen flight simulator there. This simple single action will eliminate 99.9% of subsequent installation problems/plug-in problems.
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