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Euroharmony operations
« on: November 20, 2010, 09:21:56 am »
EuroHarmony Operations

What is a virtual airline?
It is similar to a real one - we have our own fleet with our special copyrighted livery, our schedule and our pilots. However the flights are flown in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 or 2004. You can download our aircrafts, fly scheduled flights and send us your flight report using the Pilot Report form (PIREP). This is a great hobby and everyone is welcome.

How can I join the airline?
This is really simple - you have to complete only our Join form after you have read and accepted the restrictions and regulations described in this Operations Manual. You don't have to pass checkrides when joining and when reaching a higher rank; but please join us only if you have enough experience in flying and Flight Simulator.

I recently submitted a join form, what happens next?
You will receive an e-mail shortly after your registration with your password and temporarily pilot-ID. After you have submitted your first flight your status will change from 'New' to 'Active' and your Pilot ID will change within 48 hours to a permanent one.

Will my previous flight hours at other virtual airlines be added to the roster?
We decided to NOT add previous flight hours because of two reasons: we have a larger and more diversified fleet than most of the other VAs and there aren’t much flight hours required to advance in rank.
When you join, you have access to 3 planes; after 4 hours to 6 planes, and after 20 hours 18 planes (including jets). If we would accept previous hours, everyone would start with jets (as everyone has at least 20 hours experience) and half of the fleet will remain unused.

Ok, I understand that, but will you make an exception and count my previous hours?
We have never made an exception and we don't intend to. Please try to understand our point.

How many hours do I need to advance in rank?
Please see the rank page for more information.
Which flights can I fly?
You can fly flights which are allowed by your rank. You can select and fly any flight (compatible with your rank) from the Timetable.. For example if you are a Turboprop Captain you can fly Class 2 flights with Class 2 planes, Class 1 flights with Class 1 planes, Class 2 flights with Class 1 planes, Class 1 flights with Class 2 planes. It doesn't depend on your Hub or on your previous flight, unless you're using the propilot system. Classes 1-3 are deemed prop flights and should be flown only with class 1-3 aircraft. Classes 4+ are considered jet. You should not use a jet on a prop route or vice-versa, although the flight assignment systems should prevent any mistakes.

What do I have to do before I am allowed to fly for a division?
When you are going to fly for a division you need to download the division specific aircraft from the division web page. You can visit the divisions web pages by clicking on 'Divisions' in the menu on the main site. Choose one of the divisions and click on the 'Fleet' link at the division's web page. Remember that you can only fly aircraft when your rank allows it.

When am I allowed to fly for a division?
The lowest class at the main divisions is class 3, although you can fly wild and hopper flights from class 1. This means that you have to be at least Senior Turboprop Captain (STC) to fly at the other divisions. When you have reached Class 3 (STC) you can directly fly at a division. You don't have to transfer your account and you may still fly the regular flights of EuroHarmony of course.

How can I send in a PIREP of a flight made at a division?
You can file your flight with the regular PIREP form, or by using the Flight logger tool (Flogger). The only thing you have to do is to select the name of the division you have flown for in the dropdown list.

What is a hub?
A hub is a home base for an airline. We have four main hubs: (Amsterdam, London, Stockholm and Zurich), three charter hubs (Athens, Lisbon and Singaopre), one training hub (Bucharest) and one bush hub (Castlegar). You can make either of these hubs your home base (except Bucharest) by selecting one in the signup form or by changing it later via the Change Hub option. Note that some of the hubs might not be available for you to join due to overcrowding.

I would like to be transferred to another hub, how do I do this?
This is quite easy, just use the Change Hub form within your profile. You will be transferred to your new hub immediately, and can change hubs one per month. Note that some of the hubs might not be available for you to join due to overcrowding.

I can't log in
Remember that your password is case sensitive. Most of the passwords are written in uppercase characters. You can also use the Lost Password option on the Home page. If you still can't log in, check if your status isn't Frozen or Banned; in this case contact the management or your Hub Captain.

What awards can I win?
Please see the awards page on the main site

How can I make an avatar for the Forum that displays my awards and rank?
By adding the URL to the Avatar URL: option in your forums profile. Just replace the xxxx with your Pilot ID and you have an automatically generated avatar with all your awards.

Why are the days and times missing in the EuroHolidays timetable?
EuroHolidays is a charter company. This means that the departure times and days can differ every day. We let you decide on which day and on what time your aircraft departs.

What are Missions?
Missions are special flights for a division. You must fly these flights in order, from the first to the last. You can fly only the ones allowed by your rank (e.g. Class 3 if you are a STC). To access them, click on Divisions, select EuroBusiness, EuroCargo or EuroHolidays and click on Special missions.

What are Tours?
Occasionally, EuroHarmony organizes non-scheduled and non-conventional tours for passengers and you have the possibility to be a pilot of a tour. These tours help you to know better certain countries and regions - like the Alps, the Greek islands or Scandinavia. You can complete any of the tours if you are a EuroHarmony pilot but you need a certain amount of hours to be able to complete them; and there are certain restrictions. Select Pilots>Tours to access them.

The distance of a leg in a tour/mission is longer than the aircraft range
You are free to do stops for refueling. Report every flight of the leg with the same flight number and indicate in the Comments box that you needed to refuel at a specific airport.

Will your site be available in other languages?
No. We expect pilots to understand English, after all English is the accepted language in aviation.

How can I help EuroHarmony?
You can help us in many ways. Send in screenshots, stories; fly on-line with the EHM callsign; participate in the discussions, suggest destinations and flights, help us with good ideas or donate to assist with running costs.

Where to get more help?
Check the Operations Manual; it contains lots of important information. However if your question is still unanswered, contact the Management or post your question on the Forum.
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