"The Wings of Europe"

[Netherlands] EHAM Amsterdam

EHAM hub
Opened: Jun 2001Hub Manager: Dominic Mahon

The 90 islands that make up the city of Amsterdam are divided by canals crossed by hundreds of picturesque bridges. Boats traverse the scenic canals of Amsterdam, flanked by steeply gabled houses and churches topped with spires. Amsterdam is one of the most important commercial centers in Europe.

Schiphol airport is located in the northwest of the Netherlands, strategically placed near all of its major cities. As one of the busiest airports in Europe and indeed the World, Schiphol is mostly used for transit between aircraft. It is located in the middle of Western Europe making flights to all of Europe possible in hours.

Rank Pilot Flight time Location Sim Last Flight
1 NLNetherlandsAirline Transport PilotEric-jan Oud676h 34mOEHLX-Plane 1017/07/2017
2 HUHungaryAirline Transport PilotTomi Lengyel409h 38mLHBPMSFS 200424/06/2017
3 NLNetherlandsAirline Transport PilotArno De bruijn150h 41mOEHLMSFS X17/07/2017
4 NLNetherlandsSenior Commercial CaptainErik Baalbergen106h 28mEDDTMSFS X24/05/2017
5 GRGreeceFlight CaptainChris Voultjatis35h 26mEGPHX-Plane 915/05/2017