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Aeroclub Tours

After flying so many scheduled flights with passenger and cargo aircraft, now it's time to relax and to explore the most interesting regions of Europe with your favorite EuroHarmony general aviation plane, through a series of tours organized by Harmony Aeroclub. Visit the islands of Greece, admire the rugged coastline of Norway, fly challenging flights in the Alps, follow the Danube, explore the Iberian Peninsula - these tours will be a unique experience for you.
First OfficerGive taste to France (First Officer+)
Author: EHM-2758 Peter Bleekemolen
Length: Theres 21 legs, ranging from 100 to 250 nm, totalling over 3500nm around the French countryside. You
Difficulty: With a suitable fotoreal scenery, this VFR tour is not too difficult. Fly the tour on-line, and you might encounter a (only) French-speaking controlle
A VFR tour around France, taking you to all the 22 regions, to enjoy the local culunary specialties.
Senior Turboprop CaptainTour of Sweden (Senior Turboprop Captain+)
Author: EHM-0250 Magnus Schmitz
Length: approximately 680 nm in 10 legs
Difficulty: Easy (medium-size paved airports, mostly with navaids)
Starting at Kramfors and ending at Goteborg, this linear tour follows the coast of Sweden. The purpose of this tour is to explore the nice addon scenery for FS all airports having detailed and photorealistic 3d party scenery to download.
Senior Turboprop CaptainTour of the Danube (Senior Turboprop Captain+)
Author: EHM1123 Dejan Ivanovic
Length: approximately 1200 nm in 14 legs
Difficulty: Easy (visual approaches are easy at all airports)
The Danube is the second longest river in Europe and it is the only major European river to flow from west to east. Following it on small VFR flights from the Black Forest to the Black Sea, this tour takes you through seven countries in Central and Eastern Europe.
Senior Turboprop CaptainIberian Tour (Senior Turboprop Captain+)
Author: EHM-0079 Simao Oliveira, EHM-0744 Alex Blanco
Length: approximately 1840 nm in 18 legs
Difficulty: Easy (mostly medium-size paved airports, visual approaches are easy)
Its summer, its hot... lets go on a holiday to the seaside at the most southwestern part of the European continent lets explore the coastline of the Iberian Peninsula with your favourite GA aircraft.
Senior Turboprop CaptainA walk along the Amazon (Senior Turboprop Captain+)
Author: EHM-2589 David Sifuentes
Length: 24 Legs covering ~2800nm
Difficulty: Easy to Medium - mostly hard surface runways but six destinations have short runways with grass, dirt or sand surfaces.
Inspired by one mans journey on foot to follow the River Amazon from its source in the Peruvian Andes all the way to its mouth on the Atlantic Ocean, we invite you to fly above the largest river in the world and cross South America from west to east! To get the best sense of the varied terrain along the route we suggest you fly low and slow in one of our VFA planes or another Class 1 aircraft.
Senior Turboprop CaptainPilots of the Caribbean (Senior Turboprop Captain+)
Author: EHM-1465 Dominic Mahon
Length: approximately 4445nm in 28 legs.
Difficulty: Medium - There are several short runways near mountainous terrain or surrounded by water in this Tour, most airfields have limited navigational aids.
This Tour has been designed as a 10th Anniversary present to all EuroHarmony pilots - take a little time away from airliner flying, choose a suitable AeroClub aircraft and explore some of the most beautiful islands in the World!
Senior Turboprop CaptainDiscover the Undiscovered (Senior Turboprop Captain+)
Author: EHM-2581 Dirk Uys
Length: Approx 18000nm in 38 legs
Difficulty: Moderate - many large international airports at each end of the Tour but some of those in the middle are more remote with shorter runways.
The vast continent of Africa is seldom explored in the flightsim world so Dirk Uys has created a special Tour to help us discover its beauty and variety.
Senior Turboprop CaptainNew Zealand Tour (Senior Turboprop Captain+)
Author: EHM-1465 Dominic Mahon
Length: Approximately 2200nm in 28 legs
Difficulty: Moderate - some large international airports in between many smaller GA airfields with limited navigational aids. The weather can be challenging.
Travel to the other side of the world from Europe and explore the wondrous beauty of New Zealand with its snowy mountains, volcanic hot springs, sandy beaches and the odd Hobbit!!
Senior Turboprop CaptainThe US tour (Senior Turboprop Captain+)
Author: EHM-1533 Stefan Rösmann
Length: Approx. 9500 nm in 50 legs
Difficulty: Easy (mostly large international airports, all with navaids)
EuroHarmony opened our US Hub at Atlanta in 2006 and to celebrate our success in the States, on Independence Day 2014, we are releasing a VFR tour of the entire continental US starting from KATL.
Flight CaptainTour of Greece (Flight Captain+)
Author: EHM-0001 Gergely Kosa
Length: approximately 1330 nm in 16 legs
Difficulty: Medium (tricky approaches to small airports on islands, usually strong winds)
Greece is probably one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and we invite you to explore its islands through a series of short, scenic and challenging VFR flights. Be prepared as winds are strong and several airfields are very small.
Flight CaptainUnited Kingdom Tour (Flight Captain+)
Author: EHM-0654 Murray Crane
Length: approximately 1700 nm in 22 legs
Difficulty: Medium (several small and unpaved airports)
Lets start at London, EuroHarmonys most popular hub, and visit England, Wales and Scotland in this VFR tour for the UK. Enjoy the scenery, but be prepared as several airports youll visit are very small and some of them have only grass runways.
Commercial CaptainCapitals of Europe (Commercial Captain+)
Author: EHM-0250 Magnus Schmitz
Length: approximately 12000 nm in 40 legs
Difficulty: Easy (large international airports, all with navaids)
On this lengthy tour, youll get to know Europe, its countries and its geography much better, as youll visit every capital city that has at least one airport. This is one of the few EuroHarmony tours that has to be flown with non-VFA aircraft.
Commercial CaptainPortuguese MixTour (Commercial Captain+)
Author: EHM-1759 Ricardo Plácido
Length: approximately 2800 nm in 14 legs
Difficulty: Medium (mostly paved airports, visual approaches easy for the most part)
Thanks to its mix of VFR and IFR flights, this tour guides you from the East to the West of Portuguese Airspace, passing by the Azores. Youll see many beautiful places, but some landings are completely visual, so be ready for hard approaches! This tour makes a complete round of all major international airports.
Commercial CaptainScandinavian Tour (Commercial Captain+)
Author: EHM-0001 Gergely Kosa
Length: approximately 1800 nm in 20 legs
Difficulty: Medium (several small airports, some difficult approaches)
Fjords, mountains, islands - prepare for an experience youll never forget. The mountains and the rugged coastline of Norway offer a variety of natural beauties, making this tour perhaps the most scenic one of all EuroHarmony tours.
Commercial CaptainAutumn in the Alps (Commercial Captain+)
Author: EHM-0001 Gergely Kosa
Length: approximately 850 nm in 16 legs
Difficulty: Hard (small mountain airfields)
Explore small alpine airfields in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France on this wonderful journey. Besides being beautiful, this is considered the most dangerous and challenging EuroHarmony tour, and its recommended only for expert pilots.
Commercial CaptainTour of Mediterranean (Commercial Captain+)
Author: EHM-0948 Bruno Falcão, EHM1365 Ben Horsfall
Length: approximately 6255 nm in 22 legs
Difficulty: Medium (some difficult landings)
The Mediterranean Sea encloses some of the most beautiful places in Europe, North Africa and Middle East. Here youll fly to places like Jerusalem, Alexandria or Crete. Explore the area as long as you do the flight and wait for some hard landings like Gibraltar or Menorca!
Commercial CaptainEuropean Airshow Tour (Commercial Captain+)
Author: EHM-1465 Dominic Mahon
Length: approximately 6255 nm in 16 legs
Difficulty: Medium (a few difficult landings small airfields)
EuroHarmony has some wonderfully restored historic aircraft and now you can fly them between the most interesting airshows in Europe. You can perform flypasts and even aerobatics (if you have the skills) at world famous venues such as the Royal International Air Tattoo!
Commercial CaptainDouble World Tour (Commercial Captain+)
Author: EHM2097 Andrei Vatasescu
Length: Approx. 52000NM in 150 legs
Difficulty: Medium, requires both VFR and IFR skills... and a lot of perseverance as well
A slightly different approach of an adventure tour around the world, as a mix of various types of flights and aircraft to use.
Senior Commercial CaptainWorld Tour (Senior Commercial Captain+)
Author: EHM-1077 Emanuele Darrig, EHM-1036 Ian Botham
Length: approximately 47000 nm in 150 legs
Difficulty: MediumHard (many small airports, few with navaids)
The longest tour of all, for EuroHarmony most dedicated pilots, to celebrate the Worlds variety and size while flying over five continents and all sorts of terrain and landscapes.
Restrictions and requirements (general points):
- Tours are restricted by rank
- You may fly each tour as many times as you wish, but the reward will only be issued the first time.
- You must complete one tour before starting another.
- Flight hours from tours will be added to your total time at Euroharmony. Report the legs using the Pirep, or the flight logger.
- After completing a tour, you should automatically receive your reward. - You may set the weather (if flying offline), time and date as you wish. The tours are to be flown VFR with GA planes (except Capitals tour), so it's recommended to fly at daytime.
- Make sure you review all individual requirements for each tour (hours needed, plane type etc). We can't accept tours that are not compatible with the regulations.
- Make full stop landings at all airports of a tour. Touch-and-gos or flybys are not sufficient.
- Respect all other restrictions regarding EuroHarmony flights, as they are presented in the Operations Manual. Have a nice flight!