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Give taste to France

Give taste to France

Take a gastronomy tour of France. Discover French food as well as fine French wines. Visit the capitals of each of the 22 regions on the mainland of France and collect the specialties of that region. Start this VFR tour at the small airfield of Le Pin (LFPH), east of Paris pick up some delicacies and enjoy the route to the next one.

Legs: Generic

Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Altitude
1LFPH Le PinLFRS Nantes/Atlantique238 deg199 nm1,500 ft
2LFRS Nantes/AtlantiqueLFOP Rouen/Vallee De Seine39 deg174 nm1,500 ft
3LFOP Rouen/Vallee De SeineLFOK Vatry AB107 deg124 nm1,500 ft
4LFOK Vatry ABLFQO Marcq-En-Baroeul339 deg123 nm1,500 ft
5LFQO Marcq-En-BaroeulLFRK Carpiquet236 deg164 nm1,500 ft
6LFRK CarpiquetLFBI Biard168 deg158 nm1,500 ft
7LFBI BiardLFSD Longvic AB78 deg200 nm1,500 ft
8LFSD Longvic ABLFAY Glisy325 deg190 nm1,500 ft
9LFAY GlisyLFGC Neuhof110 deg226 nm1,500 ft
10LFGC NeuhofLFSA Thise221 deg103 nm1,500 ft
11LFSA ThiseLFLC Aulnat233 deg150 nm1,500 ft
12LFLC AulnatLFOZ St Denis De L'hotel342 deg133 nm1,500 ft
13LFOZ St Denis De L'hotelLFJL Metz-Nancy/Lorraine68 deg175 nm1,500 ft
14LFJL Metz-Nancy/LorraineLFLL Satolas193 deg201 nm1,500 ft
15LFLL SatolasLFCL Lasbordes230 deg200 nm1,500 ft
16LFCL LasbordesLFBL Bellegarde354 deg137 nm1,500 ft
17LFBL BellegardeLFRN St Jacques318 deg178 nm1,500 ft
18LFRN St JacquesLFCS Leognan-Saucats166 deg208 nm1,500 ft
19LFCS Leognan-SaucatsLFNG Candillargues108 deg211 nm1,500 ft
20LFNG CandillarguesLFKJ Campo Dell' Oro115 deg232 nm1,500 ft
21LFKJ Campo Dell' OroLFML Marseille/Provence299 deg183 nm1,500 ft


VFR flying skills, and some knowledge of the French language are basic necessities for this tour. It is particularly handy if you know your downwind leg from your baguette...
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