"The Wings of Europe"


Rank Hours Class
First OfficerFOFirst Officer01
Turboprop CaptainTCTurboprop Captain42
Senior Turboprop CaptainSTCSenior Turboprop Captain103
Flight CaptainFCFlight Captain204
Commercial CaptainCCCommercial Captain405
Senior Commercial CaptainSCCSenior Commercial Captain756
Airline Transport PilotATPAirline Transport Pilot1257
At Euroharmony, you will be promoted once you reach certain milestones in your career. The table to the left shows how many hours are required for each promotion.

Each rank unlocks unique benefits at Euroharmony. Every rank promotion opens up additional aircraft and routes for you to fly, but some also unlock divisions and therefore have a greater impact.

Euroharmony's relaxed ethos is reflected in the small number of hours required for promotion. In addition to a large number of aircraft that you can fly already as a First Officer, you will find that you move very quickly through the ranks, providing fresh available aircraft from our large and diverse fleet.