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Information - New to Virtual Airlines

What is a Virtual Airline (VA)?

At it's simplest, a Virtual Airline is a community of hobby enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their passion of simulated flight with other likeminded individuals.

A virtual Airline shares similarities with a real one - and may attempt to mimic the operations of real Airlines to a greater or lesser extent, while you, the pilot, fly the Airline's aircraft on their routes. A VA will normally have a livery that their fleet is operated in that you can download and fly with, a timetable of flights and a method of reporting your flights to have a record of your flight hours. More structured VAs will also have ranks, awards and software to enhance your simming.

There are a wide variety of Virtual Airlines, all different, and catering to slightly different tastes. Some are ultra realistic - checkrides and exams are mandatory, there are high activity requirements and all operations exactly mirror those of a real airline. At the other end of the spectrum, there are flying clubs which provide a method of recording flight time, but have no other structure in place at all. There are no proscribed routes or aircraft, no activity requirements and sometimes no livery.

Euroharmony is positioned inbetween these extremes, leaning more towards the structured end. Please see the Why Euroharmony? page for more information on what we can offer you.

What do I need to be able to fly for a Virtual Airline?

You will need a flight simulator and a computer powerful enough to run it. You will also need an internet connection to connect to the community you choose. At Euroharmony we currently officially support Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-plane, but you can also fly another simulator of your choice as long as you can locate appropriate aircraft for it.

Beyond that, your hobby can be as cheap or as expensive as you wish to make it. There are hardware addons from flight yokes, sticks and pedals all the way up to home built cockpits or even full motion simulators. The leading flight simulators also have extensive add-on markets where you can purchase aircraft, scenery and other untilities to enhance the experience. At a minimum, you should invest in a joystick or yoke, and then a set of pedals. These have the most impact for a small(ish) outlay to get you started.

What are the benefits of joining a Virtual Airline?

  • Community - join a group of people who enjoy what you do and who can offer advice, assistance and training
  • Online flight log - have your hours recorded and add purpose to your virtual aviation
  • Added realism - improve your flying through exposure to procedures and structured flying

What does it cost?

Joining Euroharmony is completely free. We operate as a not for profit organisation and are supported by donations (including time) and other fund raising activities from our members. There is no charge for membership or use of any of the tools and resources we provide.

This is a great hobby and everyone is welcome.

How do I join?

Visit the Join page ...and start your career at Euroharmony

  • Download a class one main division aircraft (or source your own)
  • Download our Flight Logging tool; Flogger (optional - only if using a supported sim)
  • Fly the training flight and submit a pilot's report when complete, including your join information
  • Confirm your email address
That's it, you're now a full member and able to fly for the airline. Use the website resources to assign flights, interact with other members in the community and enjoy your time with us.