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Capitals of Europe

Capitals of Europe

The Capitals of Europe Tour is open to any pilot with at least the rank of Commercial Captain (Class 5). On this lengthy tour, youll get to know Europe, its countries and its geography better, as youll visit almost every capital city (except the ones that dont have an airport). This was our first tour which required non-VFA planes.

Legs: Generic

Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Altitude
1ESSA ArlandaEFHK Vantaa79 deg215 nm3,000 ft
2EFHK VantaaEETN Ulemiste184 deg54 nm3,000 ft
3EETN UlemisteEVRA Riga Intl190 deg152 nm4,000 ft
4EVRA Riga IntlEYVI Vilnius Intl162 deg144 nm3,000 ft
5EYVI Vilnius IntlUMMM Minsk120 deg92 nm5,000 ft
6UMMM MinskUUEE Sheremetyevo69 deg363 nm5,000 ft
7UUEE SheremetyevoUKKK Zhulyany216 deg417 nm4,000 ft
8UKKK ZhulyanyLUKK Kishinau196 deg217 nm4,000 ft
9LUKK KishinauLTAC Esenboga156 deg445 nm11,000 ft
10LTAC EsenbogaLCLK Larnaca Intl174 deg317 nm11,000 ft
11LCLK Larnaca IntlLGAV Athens290 deg511 nm10,000 ft
12LGAV AthensLWSK Skopje338 deg263 nm10,000 ft
13LWSK SkopjeLBSF Sofia60 deg91 nm11,000 ft
14LBSF SofiaLROP Otopeni45 deg162 nm7,000 ft
15LROP OtopeniLYBE Belgrade273 deg247 nm8,000 ft
16LYBE BelgradeLHBP Ferihegy344 deg163 nm4,000 ft
17LHBP FerihegyLZIB M.R. Stefanik297 deg94 nm6,000 ft
18LZIB M.R. StefanikEPWA Okecie31 deg280 nm7,000 ft
19EPWA OkecieEDDT Berlin-Tegel274 deg282 nm4,000 ft
20EDDT Berlin-TegelEKCH Kastrup353 deg185 nm4,000 ft
21EKCH KastrupEHAM Schiphol234 deg342 nm4,000 ft
22EHAM SchipholEBBR Brussels National187 deg85 nm4,000 ft
23EBBR Brussels NationalELLX Luxembourg139 deg101 nm5,000 ft
24ELLX LuxembourgLKPR Ruzyne84 deg313 nm7,000 ft
25LKPR RuzyneLOWW Schwechat142 deg150 nm7,000 ft
26LOWW SchwechatLJLJ Ljubljana217 deg142 nm12,000 ft
27LJLJ LjubljanaLDZA Pleso113 deg73 nm7,000 ft
28LDZA PlesoLQSA Sarajevo140 deg150 nm9,000 ft
29LQSA SarajevoLATI Rinas157 deg157 nm11,000 ft
30LATI RinasLMML Luqa216 deg414 nm4,000 ft
31LMML LuqaLIRF Fiumicino343 deg372 nm8,000 ft
32LIRF FiumicinoLSZB Belp326 deg368 nm18,000 ft
33LSZB BelpLEMD Barajas231 deg615 nm14,000 ft
34LEMD BarajasLPPT Lisbon248 deg277 nm8,000 ft
35LPPT LisbonLFPG Charles-De-Gaulle39 deg794 nm11,000 ft
36LFPG Charles-De-GaulleEGLL Heathrow322 deg188 nm4,000 ft
37EGLL HeathrowEIDW Dublin298 deg242 nm6,000 ft
38EIDW DublinBIRK Reykjavik323 deg802 nm6,000 ft
39BIRK ReykjavikENGM Gardermoen104 deg944 nm11,000 ft
40ENGM GardermoenESSA Arlanda99 deg208 nm5,000 ft

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- You must have at least 40 hours at our airline
- Do all flights in order, the first flight starting and the last one ending at ESSA.
- You can fly any EuroHarmony, EuroHolidays or EuroBusiness (except Concorde) plane that is allowed with your current rank. You are allowed and expected to switch aircraft during the tour. Its up to the pilots decision to choose a suitable aircraft for each leg.
- Report the flights using the PIREP with flight numbers EHM-A101 ... EHM-A140.
- Heading, distance and altitude GPS-direct values (from the FSX Flight Planner) are provided for planningmonitoring purposes only. You are not expected (and nor is it recommended) to fly this tour GPS-direct.
- You may fly other flights (like EuroHarmony, EuroCargo) between the tour legs. For example, you fly EHM-A128, then EHM-2703, EHM-E105 and then EHM-A129. Just remember to do the tour legs in order. If you dont know which was the last leg you completed, check your pilot profile.
- Theres no time limit for completing the tour.
- If you fly the tour online (VATSIMIVAO), please include RMKCapitals Tour leg XX40 in your Flight Plan Comments.
- You have to respect any other restrictions regarding EuroHarmony flights found in the Operations Manual.
- After completing the tour, report it on the Request Award page.
- You may complete and report this tour only once in your pilot career for EuroHarmony