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World Tour

World Tour

The world is big. Really big. And with this tour EuroHarmony intends to celebrate the World size and variety. This is not a tour for the faint of heart. As we didnt want to have a World Tour made of long and boring flights between important cities, we went in the opposite direction. Quite so.

150 short flights (100-500nm) for a total of 46534nm, to be flown in clear weather and daylight, under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). Relatively unknown locations to fully appreciate the diversity and the beauty of the landscape of five continents.

For this reason, before you fly and especially before you choose your plane, remember to check the arrival airport, as many of the runways are well under 4500ft, with some of them approaching a length of only 3500 feet, unsuitable for large planes.
Additionally, take some time to check an Atlas of the region youll fly in and have it with you during the flight. It will help you to better appreciate your surroundings and in some cases it will highlight the need for planes capable of flying at relatively high altitude.

Do not hesitate to explore during the flight. Often the direct path between two airports is not nearly as good as one passing over a group of hills, a valley or maybe a nearby lake. Take some chances, and if you find a nice path write down the coordinates of some waypoints and share them with your fellow pilots through the FlightInfo page. You can reach it by clicking on the flight number.

And thats not the only thing the FlightInfo page allows you to do. If you find a webpage or a website that shows interesting pictures or information about the area or country you are overflying, you can submit its URL1 so that other pilots will have the chance to know more about the real world locations.

This said... enjoy the World!

Legs: Generic

Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Altitude
1EGLL HeathrowEGPO Stornoway333 deg452 nm6,000 ft
2EGPO StornowayEKVG Vagar353 deg233 nm4,000 ft
3EKVG VagarBIAR Akureyri307 deg357 nm0 ft
4BIAR AkureyriBGKK Kulusuk269 deg470 nm0 ft
5BGKK KulusukBGSF Sondre Stromfjord284 deg338 nm0 ft
6BGSF Sondre StromfjordCYVM Broughton I275 deg310 nm0 ft
7CYVM Broughton ICYKG Kangiqsujuaq Wakeham Bay209 deg411 nm0 ft
8CYKG Kangiqsujuaq Wakeham BayCYPX Puvirnituq239 deg182 nm0 ft
9CYPX PuvirnituqCYSK Sanikiluaq196 deg220 nm0 ft
10CYSK SanikiluaqCYMO Moosonee188 deg319 nm0 ft
11CYMO MoosoneeCYPO Peawanuck321 deg282 nm0 ft
12CYPO PeawanuckCYIV Island Lake258 deg329 nm0 ft
13CYIV Island LakeCZSN South Indian Lake320 deg228 nm0 ft
14CZSN South Indian LakeCZWL Wollaston Lake299 deg159 nm0 ft
15CZWL Wollaston LakeCYPY Ft Chipewyan279 deg253 nm0 ft
16CYPY Ft ChipewyanCYZF Yellowknife336 deg242 nm0 ft
17CYZF YellowknifeCYQH Watson Lake251 deg437 nm0 ft
18CYQH Watson LakePAOH Hoonah Seaplane Base239 deg237 nm0 ft
19PAOH Hoonah Seaplane BasePAKT Ketchikan Intl143 deg206 nm0 ft
20PAKT Ketchikan IntlCYXS Prince George105 deg326 nm0 ft
21CYXS Prince GeorgeCYCG Castlegar145 deg334 nm0 ft
22CYCG CastlegarKHLN Helena Regl125 deg279 nm0 ft
23KHLN Helena ReglKJAC Jackson Hole163 deg188 nm0 ft
24KJAC Jackson Hole33V Walden-Jackson Co130 deg262 nm0 ft
2533V Walden-Jackson Co04UT Navajo Mountain Trading Post223 deg308 nm0 ft
2604UT Navajo Mountain Trading PostKONM Socorro Mun133 deg261 nm0 ft
27KONM Socorro MunMMCA Cananea223 deg249 nm0 ft
28MMCA CananeaMMCU Gen Div P A Roberto Fierro121 deg263 nm0 ft
29MMCU Gen Div P A Roberto FierroMMAN Del Norte Intl119 deg350 nm0 ft
30MMAN Del Norte IntlZ21Z El Mezquite109 deg144 nm0 ft
31Z21Z El MezquiteMMTM Gen Francisco Javier Mina182 deg166 nm0 ft
32MMTM Gen Francisco Javier MinaMMTO Lic Adolfo Lopez Mateos Intl208 deg201 nm0 ft
33MMTO Lic Adolfo Lopez Mateos IntlMMOX Xoxocotlan Intl130 deg214 nm0 ft
34MMOX Xoxocotlan IntlMMSC Salina Cruz118 deg101 nm0 ft
35MMSC Salina CruzMS0A Tamarindo113 deg461 nm0 ft
36MS0A TamarindoMPBO Bocas Del Toro Intl124 deg404 nm0 ft
37MPBO Bocas Del Toro IntlMPHO Howard AFB99 deg159 nm0 ft
38MPHO Howard AFBSKPE Matecana Intl137 deg337 nm0 ft
39SKPE Matecana IntlSKIP San Luis205 deg263 nm0 ft
40SKIP San LuisSELT Cotopaxi Intl208 deg121 nm0 ft
41SELT Cotopaxi IntlSPPY Chachapoyas172 deg321 nm0 ft
42SPPY ChachapoyasSPHZ Comandante German Arias Grazz174 deg190 nm0 ft
43SPHZ Comandante German Arias GrazzSPHY Andahuaylas136 deg362 nm0 ft
44SPHY AndahuaylasSLCC Copacabana121 deg288 nm0 ft
45SLCC CopacabanaSLSU Juana Azurduy De Padilla128 deg276 nm0 ft
46SLSU Juana Azurduy De PadillaSCPE San Pedro De Atacama214 deg285 nm0 ft
47SCPE San Pedro De AtacamaSANC Catamarca159 deg364 nm0 ft
48SANC CatamarcaSCTI Los Cerrillos Apt220 deg389 nm0 ft
49SCTI Los Cerrillos AptSCIE Carriel Sur Intl210 deg229 nm0 ft
50SCIE Carriel Sur IntlSAZY Aviador Carlos Campos(Neuquen155 deg218 nm0 ft
51SAZY Aviador Carlos Campos(NeuquenSCTE El Tepual Intl227 deg120 nm0 ft
52SCTE El Tepual IntlSCPH Puyuhuapi172 deg178 nm0 ft
53SCPH PuyuhuapiSCOH Rio Mayer179 deg245 nm0 ft
54SCOH Rio MayerSCNT Teniente Julio Gallardo179 deg192 nm0 ft
55SCNT Teniente Julio GallardoSAWH Ushuaia Intl141 deg244 nm0 ft
56SAWH Ushuaia IntlYSRN Strahan277 deg4,735 nm0 ft
57YSRN StrahanYMEN Essendon356 deg266 nm0 ft
58YMEN EssendonYMER Merimbula78 deg244 nm0 ft
59YMER MerimbulaYBTH Bathurst356 deg210 nm0 ft
60YBTH BathurstYBBN Brisbane Intl26 deg404 nm0 ft
61YBBN Brisbane IntlYBHM Hamilton I.331 deg480 nm0 ft
62YBHM Hamilton I.YBCS Cairns Intl318 deg277 nm0 ft
63YBCS Cairns IntlYHID Horn I331 deg429 nm0 ft
64YHID Horn IAYMH Mount Hagen22 deg309 nm0 ft
65AYMH Mount HagenWAJW Wamena288 deg336 nm0 ft
66WAJW WamenaWABB Frans Kaisiepo315 deg244 nm0 ft
67WABB Frans KaisiepoWASS Jefman273 deg300 nm0 ft
68WASS JefmanWAMT Babullah295 deg248 nm0 ft
69WAMT BabullahWAMM Ratulangi286 deg154 nm0 ft
70WAMM RatulangiWAAS Soroako221 deg325 nm0 ft
71WAAS SoroakoWRRB Mohammad Salahuddin203 deg395 nm0 ft
72WRRB Mohammad SalahuddinWRRR Bali Intl266 deg209 nm0 ft
73WRRR Bali IntlWRSQ Adi Sumarmo Wiryokusumo285 deg273 nm0 ft
74WRSQ Adi Sumarmo WiryokusumoWIIB Husein Sastranegara281 deg193 nm0 ft
75WIIB Husein SastranegaraWIMG Tabing309 deg564 nm0 ft
76WIMG TabingWIMM Polonia339 deg285 nm0 ft
77WIMM PoloniaWITT Sultan Iskandarmuda301 deg227 nm0 ft
78WITT Sultan IskandarmudaVTSP Phuket Intl47 deg232 nm0 ft
79VTSP Phuket IntlVYME Myeik4 deg261 nm0 ft
80VYME MyeikVTPM Mae Sot Aero358 deg255 nm0 ft
81VTPM Mae Sot AeroVYGW Gwa283 deg234 nm0 ft
82VYGW GwaVGEG M.A. Hannan Intl330 deg320 nm0 ft
83VGEG M.A. Hannan IntlVEIM Tulihal37 deg189 nm0 ft
84VEIM TulihalVQPR Paro303 deg289 nm0 ft
85VQPR ParoVNKT Tribhuvan Intl274 deg217 nm0 ft
86VNKT Tribhuvan IntlVNPK Pokhara292 deg79 nm0 ft
87VNPK PokharaVIBR Bhuntar301 deg418 nm0 ft
88VIBR BhuntarVI1E Thoise3 deg167 nm0 ft
89VI1E ThoiseOPSS Saidu Sharif272 deg248 nm0 ft
90OPSS Saidu SharifOABN Bamyan270 deg223 nm0 ft
91OABN BamyanOAFR Farah242 deg322 nm0 ft
92OAFR FarahOIKM Bam224 deg271 nm0 ft
93OIKM BamOIBS Sirri Island227 deg282 nm0 ft
94OIBS Sirri IslandOOIZ Izki AB135 deg252 nm0 ft
95OOIZ Izki ABOOSA Salalah210 deg408 nm0 ft
96OOSA SalalahOYRN Riyan242 deg307 nm0 ft
97OYRN RiyanOYTZ Ganed259 deg311 nm0 ft
98OYTZ GanedOEAB Abha342 deg286 nm0 ft
99OEAB AbhaOETF Taif328 deg228 nm0 ft
100OETF TaifOEWJ Wejh321 deg361 nm0 ft
101OEWJ WejhOJAQ Aqaba Intl339 deg219 nm0 ft
102OJAQ Aqaba IntlHESH Sharm El Sheikh198 deg103 nm0 ft
103HESH Sharm El SheikhHEPS Port Said330 deg228 nm0 ft
104HEPS Port SaidHEBF Beni Suef206 deg140 nm0 ft
105HEBF Beni SuefHELX Luxor157 deg231 nm0 ft
106HELX LuxorHE0E Ras Banas124 deg181 nm0 ft
107HE0E Ras BanasHSMR Merowe211 deg392 nm0 ft
108HSMR MeroweHHAS Asmara Intl114 deg448 nm0 ft
109HHAS Asmara IntlHABD Bahir Dar202 deg241 nm0 ft
110HABD Bahir DarZ11B Arba Minch East177 deg333 nm0 ft
111Z11B Arba Minch EastHKLY Loyangalani194 deg204 nm0 ft
112HKLY LoyangalaniHTKJ Kilimanjaro Intl176 deg372 nm0 ft
113HTKJ Kilimanjaro IntlHTDA Dar-Es-Salaam Intl148 deg243 nm0 ft
114HTDA Dar-Es-Salaam IntlHTIR Iringa256 deg211 nm0 ft
115HTIR IringaFWUU Mzuzu204 deg248 nm0 ft
116FWUU MzuzuFQTT Chingozi184 deg282 nm0 ft
117FQTT ChingoziFVGR Mutare/Grand Reef201 deg185 nm0 ft
118FVGR Mutare/Grand ReefFQVL Vilankulu138 deg243 nm0 ft
119FQVL VilankuluFQMA Maputo212 deg279 nm0 ft
120FQMA MaputoFXLR Leribe233 deg299 nm0 ft
121FXLR LeribeFAUT K.D. Matanzima168 deg165 nm0 ft
122FAUT K.D. MatanzimaFAPE Port Elizabeth226 deg213 nm0 ft
123FAPE Port ElizabethFAYP Ysterplaat AB270 deg354 nm0 ft
124FAYP Ysterplaat ABFASB Springbok353 deg255 nm0 ft
125FASB SpringbokFYWE Eros353 deg428 nm0 ft
126FYWE ErosFYRC Ruacana333 deg347 nm0 ft
127FYRC RuacanaFNBG 17th Of November348 deg295 nm0 ft
128FNBG 17th Of NovemberFNLU 4th Of February357 deg225 nm0 ft
129FNLU 4th Of FebruaryFZAA N'djili Intl26 deg299 nm0 ft
130FZAA N'djili IntlFNSO Soyo240 deg212 nm0 ft
131FNSO SoyoFOON M'vengue13 deg276 nm0 ft
132FOON M'vengueFZEA Mbandaka70 deg308 nm0 ft
133FZEA MbandakaFZGA Lisala56 deg231 nm0 ft
134FZGA LisalaFOOL Leon M'ba261 deg732 nm0 ft
135FOOL Leon M'baFKKV Bamenda7 deg338 nm0 ft
136FKKV BamendaDNYO Yola35 deg237 nm0 ft
137DNYO YolaFTTJ N'djamena41 deg230 nm0 ft
138FTTJ N'djamenaFTTY Faya Largeau34 deg421 nm0 ft
139FTTY Faya LargeauDRZD Dirkou280 deg361 nm0 ft
140DRZD DirkouHLGT Ghat337 deg400 nm0 ft
141HLGT GhatDAAT Aguenar241 deg292 nm0 ft
142DAAT AguenarDAUA Touat314 deg430 nm0 ft
143DAUA TouatDAOR Bechar/Ouakda334 deg251 nm0 ft
144DAOR Bechar/OuakdaGMMX Menara269 deg297 nm0 ft
145GMMX MenaraLXGB Gibraltar AB26 deg304 nm0 ft
146LXGB Gibraltar ABLESA Matacan358 deg288 nm0 ft
147LESA MatacanLFBT Ossun-Lourdes61 deg279 nm0 ft
148LFBT Ossun-LourdesLFLC Aulnat40 deg207 nm0 ft
149LFLC AulnatLFPM Villaroche353 deg170 nm0 ft
150LFPM VillarocheEGLL Heathrow325 deg210 nm0 ft

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- You must have at least the rank of Senior Commercial Captain to fly this tour.
- You can fly any plane in the fleet allowed by your rank and you are allowed to change aircraft as many times as you want, as long as the plane is suitable for the flight. Remember to check a map of the area and the runway lengths for this.
- Do all flights in order, departing and eventually arriving at EGLL.
- The intercontinental flight W056, between SAWH and YSRN, is optional.
- Report the flights using the PIREP with the flight number you find beside your departure airport in the table that follows.
- You may fly other flights (like EuroHarmony, EuroCargo) between the tour legs. For example, you could fly EHM-W073, then EHM-2703, EHM-E105 and then EHM-W074. Just remember to do the tour legs in order. If you dont know which was the last leg you completed, check your pilot profile.
- Theres no time limit for completing the tour.
- If you fly the tour online (VATSIMIVAO), please include EuroHarmony World Tour leg XX150 in your Flight Plan Comments.
- You have to respect any other restrictions regarding EuroHarmony flights found in the Operations Manual.
- After landing at SAWH, you can request the World Tour Blue Award.
- After landing at OJAQ, you can request the World Tour Silver Award.
- After completing the whole tour you can request the World Tour Cobalt Award.
- You may complete and report this tour only once in your pilot career for EuroHarmony.