"The Wings of Europe"

United Kingdom Tour

United Kingdom Tour

This challenging VFR tour starts and ends in London, within the airspace of EuroHarmonys most popular hub - London-Heathrow, and visits all corners of the United Kingdom - England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Enjoy the scenery, but be prepared as the airports youll visit are very small and some of them dont even have grass runways. This tour is open to any pilot with at least 25 hours.

Legs: Generic

Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Altitude
1EGTF FairoaksEGKA Shoreham162 deg32 nm1,500 ft
2EGKA ShorehamEGHA Compton-Abbas276 deg71 nm0 ft
3EGHA Compton-AbbasEGHD Plymouth246 deg81 nm0 ft
4EGHD PlymouthEGHE St Mary's250 deg89 nm0 ft
5EGHE St Mary'sEGLA Bodmin60 deg72 nm0 ft
6EGLA BodminEGFP Pembrey10 deg74 nm0 ft
7EGFP PembreyEGOD Llanbedr Mod Pe6 deg66 nm0 ft
8EGOD Llanbedr Mod PeEGCO Southport Birkdale Sands38 deg64 nm0 ft
9EGCO Southport Birkdale SandsEGNS Isle Of Man294 deg62 nm0 ft
10EGNS Isle Of ManEGAD Newtownards308 deg48 nm0 ft
11EGAD NewtownardsOBN North Connel4 deg113 nm0 ft
12OBN North ConnelEGPE Inverness34 deg78 nm0 ft
13EGPE InvernessEGPO Stornoway299 deg83 nm0 ft
14EGPO StornowayEGPC Wick81 deg103 nm0 ft
15EGPC WickEGEN North Ronaldsay20 deg58 nm0 ft
16EGEN North RonaldsayEGPD Dyce176 deg130 nm0 ft
17EGPD DyceEGPN Dundee210 deg53 nm0 ft
18EGPN DundeeEGNC Carlisle175 deg91 nm0 ft
19EGNC CarlisleEGNB Brough132 deg107 nm0 ft
20EGNB BroughEGBN Nottingham201 deg52 nm0 ft
21EGBN NottinghamEGSD North Denes99 deg103 nm0 ft
22EGSD North DenesEGLD Denham232 deg104 nm0 ft

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- You must have at least 25 hours at our airline
- Do all flights in order. The first leg starts at EGTF and the final leg ends at EGLD.
- This is a VFR tour and as such you must respect UK VFR regulations (link to a UK VFR summary)
- You must complete the tour with a VFA aircraft.
- Many airports are small without any navigational aids andor with no runway lights, we recommend flying at daytime and in clear weather (visual meteorological conditions). Be careful as some airports are unpaved!
- You may not switch planes you must fly all legs with the same plane. Its up to the pilots decision to choose an aircraft which is suitable for all flights.
- Report the flights using the PIREP with flight numbers EHM-A601 ... EHM-A622.
- You may fly other flights (like EuroHarmony, EuroCargo) between the tour legs. For example, you fly EHM-A602, then EHM-2703, EHM-E105 and then EHM-A603. Just remember to do the tour legs in order. If you dont know which was the last leg you completed, check your pilot profile.
- Theres no time limit for completing the tour.
- If you fly the tour online (VATSIMIVAO), please include EuroHarmony Tour of the UK leg XX22 in your Flight Plan Comments.
- You have to respect any other restrictions regarding EuroHarmony flights found in the Operations Manual.
- After completing the tour, report it on the Request Award page.
- You may complete and report this tour only once in your pilot career for EuroHarmony