"The Wings of Europe"

The US tour

The US tour

This tour takes you through all the rugged beauty of the United States of America. You will visit every capital of all 48 contiguous states. Starting in Atlanta Georgia you head south to discover the beauty of Florida, the wild side of Texas, the heat of New Mexico and Arizona and the mountainous Pacific coast from California to Washington State. You may take a sidestep to Everett, home of the Boeing Company then fly along the border with Canada, the longest border between two countries in the world. You will then head back to the Motor State of Michigan, the Racing State of Indiana and the home of the only team in professional sports that does not belong to a single owner - Wisconsin. Back to the city that never sleeps then to the New England States where George Washington and Thomas Jefferson fought for their freedom. Cruise down the Atlantic coast then visit the capital of the United States and finally return to Atlanta.

Legs: Generic

Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Altitude
1KATL Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta IntlKTLH Tallahassee Regl178 deg195 nm0 ft
2KTLH Tallahassee ReglKMGM Montgomery Regl (Dannelly)317 deg155 nm0 ft
3KMGM Montgomery Regl (Dannelly)KJAN Jackson Intl270 deg187 nm0 ft
4KJAN Jackson IntlKBTR Baton Rouge Metro-Ryan207 deg120 nm0 ft
5KBTR Baton Rouge Metro-RyanKLIT Adams347 deg258 nm0 ft
6KLIT AdamsKOKC Will Rogers World278 deg267 nm0 ft
7KOKC Will Rogers WorldKAUS Mueller Mun180 deg306 nm0 ft
8KAUS Mueller MunKSAF Santa Fe Mun307 deg529 nm0 ft
9KSAF Santa Fe MunKPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl245 deg321 nm0 ft
10KPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor IntlKSMF Sacramento Intl304 deg562 nm0 ft
11KSMF Sacramento IntlKCXP Carson71 deg92 nm0 ft
12KCXP CarsonKSLE McNary337 deg373 nm0 ft
13KSLE McNaryKOLM Olympia1 deg124 nm0 ft
14KOLM OlympiaKBOI Boise Air Term125 deg348 nm0 ft
15KBOI Boise Air TermKSLC Salt Lake City Intl131 deg252 nm0 ft
16KSLC Salt Lake City IntlKDEN Denver Intl99 deg339 nm0 ft
17KDEN Denver IntlKCYS Cheyenne355 deg78 nm0 ft
18KCYS CheyenneKHLN Helena Regl316 deg451 nm0 ft
19KHLN Helena ReglKBIS Bismarck Mun88 deg462 nm0 ft
20KBIS Bismarck MunKPIR Pierre Regl172 deg145 nm0 ft
21KPIR Pierre ReglKLNK Lincoln Mun143 deg263 nm0 ft
22KLNK Lincoln MunKTOP Billard Mun153 deg119 nm0 ft
23KTOP Billard MunKJEF Jefferson City Meml100 deg165 nm0 ft
24KJEF Jefferson City MemlKDSM Des Moines Intl338 deg190 nm0 ft
25KDSM Des Moines IntlKMSP Minneapolis-St Paul Intl5 deg202 nm0 ft
26KMSP Minneapolis-St Paul IntlKMSN Dane Co Regl-Truax121 deg197 nm0 ft
27KMSN Dane Co Regl-TruaxKSPI Capital184 deg198 nm0 ft
28KSPI CapitalKBNA Nashville Intl147 deg265 nm0 ft
29KBNA Nashville IntlKFFT Capital City34 deg150 nm0 ft
30KFFT Capital CityKIND Indianapolis Intl324 deg113 nm0 ft
31KIND Indianapolis IntlKLAN Capital City22 deg199 nm0 ft
32KLAN Capital CityKCMH Port Columbus Intl155 deg184 nm0 ft
33KCMH Port Columbus IntlKCRW Yeager148 deg115 nm0 ft
34KCRW YeagerKCXY Capital City63 deg247 nm0 ft
35KCXY Capital CityKALB Albany Intl42 deg205 nm0 ft
36KALB Albany IntlKMPV Knapp State31 deg103 nm0 ft
37KMPV Knapp StateKCON Concord Mun142 deg76 nm0 ft
38KCON Concord MunKAUG Augusta State47 deg100 nm0 ft
39KAUG Augusta StateKBOS Logan Intl204 deg129 nm0 ft
40KBOS Logan IntlKPVD Green State206 deg43 nm0 ft
41KPVD Green StateKHFD Hartford-Brainard270 deg55 nm0 ft
42KHFD Hartford-BrainardKTTN Trenton Mercer228 deg131 nm0 ft
43KTTN Trenton MercerKDOV Dover AFB203 deg75 nm0 ft
45KDOV Dover AFBKANP Lee257 deg53 nm0 ft
46KANP LeeKDCA Washington National256 deg23 nm0 ft
47KDCA Washington NationalKRIC Richmond Intl189 deg82 nm0 ft
48KRIC Richmond IntlKRDU Raleigh-Durham Intl215 deg121 nm0 ft
49KRDU Raleigh-Durham IntlKCUB Columbia Owens Downtown223 deg158 nm0 ft
50KCUB Columbia Owens DowntownKATL Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Intl263 deg172 nm0 ft

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- You must have at least 10 hours logged at our airline
- Do all flights in order. The first leg starts at KATL and the final leg returns there.
- Plan your flights to take in the scenic views rather than flying via GPS Direct.
- You must complete the tour with an AeroClub aircraft.
- You may not switch planes - you must fly all legs with the same plane. Make sure you choose an aircraft which is suitable for all legs.
- There is no time limit for completing the tour.
- If you fly the tour online (VATSIM or IVAO), please include EuroHarmony US Tour leg XX of 28 in your Flight Plan Comments.
- All our other normal flight rules apply - please see the EHM Operations Manual.