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New Zealand Tour

New Zealand Tour

This VFR tour allows you to explore the wonderful countryside of New Zealand. NZ has a huge variety of terrain and weather providing the pilot with great delights but also some dangers when the wind and rain are against you! During this tour you will visit the length and breadth of North and South Islands starting at the modern city of Auckland and visiting the sulphurous mudpools of Rotorua, the infamous approach to Queenstown airport, the fiords around Milford Sound, the art deco paradise of Napier and the mountains that appeared so strikingly in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films. Make sure you download some of the many freeware addon sceneries and terrain available for NZ and these will really enhance the realism of your flights.

Legs: Generic

Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Altitude
1NZAR ArdmoreNZCX Coromandel60 deg29 nm0 ft
2NZCX CoromandelNZWV Waihi Beach151 deg44 nm0 ft
3NZWV Waihi BeachNZOP Opotiki118 deg74 nm0 ft
4NZOP OpotikiNZNR Napier193 deg89 nm0 ft
5NZNR NapierNZMS Masterton212 deg107 nm0 ft
6NZMS MastertonNZKI Kaikoura226 deg126 nm0 ft
7NZKI KaikouraNZRT Rangiora222 deg70 nm0 ft
8NZRT RangioraNZUK Pukaki241 deg119 nm0 ft
9NZUK PukakiNZTI Taieri174 deg98 nm0 ft
10NZTI TaieriNZNV Invercargill248 deg91 nm0 ft
11NZNV InvercargillNZTZ Te Anau335 deg63 nm0 ft
12NZTZ Te AnauNZQN Queenstown58 deg51 nm0 ft
13NZQN QueenstownNZMF Milford Sound301 deg41 nm0 ft
14NZMF Milford SoundNZMC Mount Cook60 deg110 nm0 ft
15NZMC Mount CookNZGM Greymouth30 deg91 nm0 ft
16NZGM GreymouthNZKM Karamea29 deg84 nm0 ft
17NZKM KarameaNZNS Nelson94 deg51 nm0 ft
18NZNS NelsonNZPP Paraparaumu73 deg83 nm0 ft
19NZPP ParaparaumuNZRU Waiouru19 deg93 nm0 ft
20NZRU WaiouruNZSD Stratford277 deg63 nm0 ft
21NZSD StratfordNZTN Turangi73 deg73 nm0 ft
22NZTN TurangiNZRO Rotorua24 deg57 nm0 ft
23NZRO RotoruaNZRA Raglan284 deg71 nm0 ft
24NZRA RaglanNZDA Dargaville337 deg121 nm0 ft
25NZDA DargavilleNZKT Kaitaia330 deg60 nm0 ft
26NZKT KaitaiaNZWR Whangarei128 deg67 nm0 ft
27NZWR WhangareiNZOX Okiwi Station113 deg56 nm0 ft
28NZOX Okiwi StationNZAR Ardmore202 deg57 nm0 ft

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- You must have at least 10 hours at our airline
- Do all flights in order. The first leg starts at NZAR and the final leg returns there.
- Plan your flights to take in the scenic views rather than flying via GPS Direct.
- You must complete the tour with an AeroClub aircraft, the DC-3 or the Twin Otter.
- You may not switch planes - you must fly all legs with the same plane. Make sure you choose an aircraft which is suitable for all legs.
- There is no time limit for completing the tour.
- If you fly the tour online (VATSIM or IVAO), please include EuroHarmony Tour of New Zealand leg XX of 28 in your Flight Plan Comments.
- All our other normal flight rules apply - please see the EHM Operations Manual.