"The Wings of Europe"

European Airshow Tour

European Airshow Tour

Welcome to the wonderful world of airshows! This is a unique tour - taking you to the most spectacular airshows across Europe! Pilot any of our historic Museum planes and amaze the crowds with your aerobatic skill before you land!

Legs: Generic

Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Altitude
1EHAM SchipholEHLE Lelystad71 deg29 nm0 ft
2EHLE LelystadEDDW Bremen73 deg124 nm0 ft
3EDDW BremenEKRK Roskilde37 deg192 nm0 ft
4EKRK RoskildeEFHF Malmi55 deg497 nm0 ft
5EFHF MalmiEPGO Góraszka194 deg500 nm0 ft
6EPGO GóraszkaLZPP Piestany211 deg251 nm0 ft
7LZPP PiestanyLYBT Batajnica155 deg243 nm0 ft
8LYBT BatajnicaLGSA Souda AB162 deg592 nm0 ft
9LGSA Souda ABLMML Luqa272 deg472 nm0 ft
10LMML LuqaLIED Decimomannu Mil308 deg335 nm0 ft
11LIED Decimomannu MilLPEV Evora266 deg788 nm0 ft
12LPEV EvoraLEVX Vigo351 deg225 nm0 ft
13LEVX VigoLSPD Dittingen Airfield65 deg752 nm0 ft
14LSPD Dittingen AirfieldLFSR Champagne AB309 deg177 nm0 ft
15LFSR Champagne ABEGVA Fairford302 deg264 nm0 ft
16EGVA FairfordEHAM Schiphol81 deg245 nm0 ft

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- You must have at least 40 hours at our airline
- Do all flights in order, the first flight starting and the last one ending at EHAM.
- You must complete the tour with a Museum aircraft.
- We recommend to set the season in FS to Summer - thats when most of the airshows take place.
- You may switch planes, some of the airfields have short runways while others are international airports. Its your choice as to which plane is best for each leg.
- Report the flights using the PIREP with flight numbers EHM-A901 ... EHM-A916.
- You may fly other flights (like EuroHarmony, EuroCargo) between the tour legs. For example, you fly EHM-A908, then EHM-2703, EHM-E105 and then EHM-A909. Just remember to do the tour legs in order. If you dont know which was the last leg you completed, check your pilot profile.
- Theres no time limit for completing the tour.
- If you fly the tour online (VATSIM or IVAO), please include EuroHarmony European Airshow Tour leg XX16 in your Flight Plan Comments.
- You have to respect any other restrictions regarding EuroHarmony flights found in the Operations Manual.
- After completing the tour you will receive the Award automatically.
- You may complete and report this tour once each year as the Airshow circuit is an annual event!
- You can download a brochure giving more details about the airshows and scenery links here.