"The Wings of Europe"

Discover the Undiscovered

Discover the Undiscovered

The Tour will take you from our Hub in Zurich south through Italy to North Africa and then on an exciting clockwise route around the continent taking in two dozen African nations, large and small, before you return to Switzerland. The 38 legs cover deserts, mountains, savannah and islands and the weather can vary from scorching heat to tempetuous storms!

Legs: Generic

Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Altitude
1LSZH ZurichLIPZ Tessera126 deg196 nm0 ft
2LIPZ TesseraLIBG Grottaglie143 deg372 nm0 ft
3LIBG GrottaglieHLLB Benina164 deg524 nm0 ft
4HLLB BeninaHESN Aswan126 deg824 nm0 ft
5HESN AswanHSPN New Port Sudan137 deg367 nm0 ft
6HSPN New Port SudanHDAM Ambouli144 deg584 nm0 ft
7HDAM AmbouliOYSQ Moori84 deg634 nm0 ft
8OYSQ MooriHCMI Berbera255 deg544 nm0 ft
9HCMI BerberaHCMK Kisimayu192 deg661 nm0 ft
10HCMK KisimayuHTTG Tanga215 deg351 nm0 ft
11HTTG TangaHTZA Zanzibar172 deg68 nm0 ft
12HTZA ZanzibarFQQL Quelimane191 deg712 nm0 ft
13FQQL QuelimaneFQBR Beira223 deg162 nm0 ft
14FQBR BeiraFQMA Maputo199 deg390 nm0 ft
15FQMA MaputoFADN Durban Intl199 deg258 nm0 ft
16FADN Durban IntlFAPE Port Elizabeth228 deg363 nm0 ft
17FAPE Port ElizabethFAGG George269 deg161 nm0 ft
18FAGG GeorgeFACT Cape Town Intl270 deg188 nm0 ft
19FACT Cape Town IntlFYWB Walvis Bay342 deg692 nm0 ft
20FYWB Walvis BayFNBG 17th Of November353 deg627 nm0 ft
21FNBG 17th Of NovemberFNLU 4th Of February357 deg225 nm0 ft
22FNLU 4th Of FebruaryFNCA Cabinda342 deg206 nm0 ft
23FNCA CabindaFOOL Leon M'ba335 deg399 nm0 ft
24FOOL Leon M'baFGSL Malabo347 deg202 nm0 ft
25FGSL MalaboDNPO Port Harcourt305 deg130 nm0 ft
26DNPO Port HarcourtDGAA Kotoka Intl274 deg427 nm0 ft
27DGAA Kotoka IntlGLRB Roberts Intl273 deg610 nm0 ft
28GLRB Roberts IntlGFLL Lungi310 deg221 nm0 ft
29GFLL LungiGOOY Leopold Sedar Senghor325 deg446 nm0 ft
30GOOY Leopold Sedar SenghorGVAC Amilcar Cabral290 deg337 nm0 ft
31GVAC Amilcar CabralGCLP Gran Canaria31 deg792 nm0 ft
32GCLP Gran CanariaGMMN Mohamed V50 deg518 nm0 ft
33GMMN Mohamed VDAAG Houari Boumediene69 deg567 nm0 ft
34DAAG Houari BoumedieneDTTA Carthage88 deg337 nm0 ft
35DTTA CarthageHLLT Tripoli Intl150 deg290 nm0 ft
36HLLT Tripoli IntlHLLB Benina95 deg362 nm0 ft
37HLLB BeninaLIMJ Sestri324 deg913 nm0 ft
38LIMJ SestriLSZH Zurich356 deg183 nm0 ft

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- You must have at least 10 hours at our airline
- Do all flights in order. The first leg starts at LSZH and the final leg returns there.
- Plan your flights to take in the scenic views rather than flying via GPS Direct.
- You may use any EHM propeller powered aircraft for this Tour.
- You may not switch planes - you must fly all legs with the same plane. Make sure you choose an aircraft which is suitable for all legs.
- There is no time limit for completing the tour.
- If you fly the tour online (VATSIM or IVAO), please include EuroHarmony Tour of Africa leg XX of 38 in your Flight Plan Comments.
- All our other normal flight rules apply - please see the EHM Operations Manual.