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Pilots of the Caribbean

Pilots of the Caribbean

The Tour takes you from KFTY, the nearest General Aviation airfield to our US Hub at Atlanta, on a breath-taking circuit clockwise around the entire Caribbean region stopping at many famous and challenging island airstrips along the way.

Your route will take you to the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, the infamous airstrips at St Barts and Saba plus Aruba, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands to name but a few! Your return route to the mainland United States leads you across Cuba and the Florida Keys before you reach Atlanta again. Dont forget your sun cream and a camera!

Legs: Generic

Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Altitude
1KFTY Fulton Co-Brown09J Jekyll Island136 deg226 nm0 ft
209J Jekyll Island3FD6 Tradewinds Aerodrome167 deg142 nm0 ft
33FD6 Tradewinds AerodromeMYAW Walkers Cay124 deg158 nm0 ft
4MYAW Walkers CayMYX4 Big Whale Cay164 deg118 nm0 ft
5MYX4 Big Whale CayMYXA Fowl Cay134 deg96 nm0 ft
6MYXA Fowl CayMYLD Deadmans Cay128 deg99 nm0 ft
7MYLD Deadmans CayMBPI Pine Cay115 deg187 nm0 ft
8MBPI Pine CayMDPO El Portillo136 deg213 nm0 ft
9MDPO El PortilloX64 Patillas111 deg214 nm0 ft
10X64 PatillasTUPW Virgin Gorda72 deg95 nm0 ft
11TUPW Virgin GordaTFFJ St Barthelemy I109 deg96 nm0 ft
12TFFJ St Barthelemy ISABA Juancho Yrausquin233 deg27 nm0 ft
13SABA Juancho YrausquinTDCF Canefield Intl142 deg174 nm0 ft
14TDCF Canefield IntlTVSU Union I. Intl180 deg164 nm0 ft
15TVSU Union I. IntlSVIE Isla De Coche234 deg186 nm0 ft
16SVIE Isla De CocheSVLO La Orchila295 deg142 nm0 ft
17SVLO La OrchilaTNCB Flamingo279 deg125 nm0 ft
18TNCB FlamingoTNCA Beatrix Intl282 deg104 nm0 ft
19TNCA Beatrix IntlMDCR Cabo Rojo343 deg339 nm0 ft
20MDCR Cabo RojoMTJE Jeremie287 deg150 nm0 ft
21MTJE JeremieMKBS Ian Fleming International Airport264 deg161 nm0 ft
22MKBS Ian Fleming International AirportMWCB Gerrard-Smith Intl295 deg182 nm0 ft
23MWCB Gerrard-Smith IntlMUBR Las Brujas Airport13 deg181 nm0 ft
24MUBR Las Brujas AirportKEYW Key West Intl308 deg185 nm0 ft
25KEYW Key West Intl07FA Ocean Reef Club Airport60 deg93 nm0 ft
2607FA Ocean Reef Club AirportKSPG Whitted319 deg193 nm0 ft
27KSPG WhittedF47 St George Island313 deg165 nm0 ft
28F47 St George IslandKFTY Fulton Co-Brown4 deg249 nm0 ft

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- You must have at least 10 hours at our airline
- Do all flights in order. The first leg starts at KFTY and the final leg returns there.
- Plan your flights to take in the scenic views rather than flying via GPS Direct.
- You must complete the tour with an AeroClub aircraft.
- Many airports are small without any navigational aids and or with no runway lights, we recommend flying during the daytime and in reasonably clear weather (but the choice is yours!). Check the runway surface before arrival as some are coral, mud or grass!
- You may not switch planes - you must fly all legs with the same plane. Make sure you choose an aircraft which is suitable for all legs.
- There is no time limit for completing the tour.
- If you fly the tour online (VATSIM or IVAO), please include EuroHarmony Tour of the Caribbean leg XX of 28 in your Flight Plan Comments.
- All our other normal flight rules apply - please see the EHM Operations Manual.