Flight Simulator 2004, Flight Simulator X and X-Plane

[Switzerland] LSZH Zurich

LSZH hub
Opened: Apr 2001Hub Manager: Dominic Mahon

Although it is a modern metropolis, Zurich has retained much of its historic charm. Switzerland’s confidential banking transactions, along with its political and financial stability, have turned the city into a major international financial center. The Swiss keep much of the world’s gold and silver beneath the Bahnhofstrasse, a street in the heart of Zürich’s financial and shopping district.

Zurich Airport has had very strong growth during the last decade, it belongs in the top 10 of the busiest airports in Europe. It is the leading Swiss international airport and is used by our airline as our Central European hub.

Rank Pilot Flight time Location Sim Last Flight
1 CHSwitzerlandAirline Transport PilotDavid Sifuentes7129h 37mKROWMSFS 200413/05/2018
2 ATAustriaAirline Transport PilotFranz Zeitelhofer4114h 18mLSZHMSFS 200416/05/2018
3 FRFranceAirline Transport PilotGiancarlo Randazzo3133h 45mKDFWMSFS X18/05/2018
4 HUHungaryAirline Transport PilotAttila Gam2875h 41mLOWW16/05/2018
5 ZASouth AfricaAirline Transport PilotDawie Fourie910h 5mFACTMSFS 200402/05/2018
6 ITItalyAirline Transport PilotLuciano Eibenstein697h 56mLYBEMSFS X03/05/2018
7 HUHungaryAirline Transport PilotMolnar Attila307h 27mCYMOMSFS X19/05/2018
8 CHSwitzerlandCommercial CaptainBruno Blaettler40h 39mLEBLMSFS X24/02/2018