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Himalaya Dare Devils
(DHC-6 Twin Otter)


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Difficult Some of the worlds most dangerous airports are listed in this events leg list...


Well be hopping between some mainports ant the remote mountain strips to ferry climbers, hikers, hunters, and other dare devils. Well be dare devils ourselves, surrounded by high, and unforgiving terrain, landing on the shortest strips around, at high altitude! The typical work horse for this kind of job is our trusty DHC-6 Twin Otter.


Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Opens Closes Award
1VNKT Tribhuvan IntlVQPR Paro94 deg217 nm12/08/201930/09/2019-
2VQPR ParoVNKT Tribhuvan Intl274 deg217 nm19/08/201930/09/2019-
3VNKT Tribhuvan IntlVNSK Surkhet285 deg204 nm26/08/201930/09/2019-
4VNSK SurkhetVNKT Tribhuvan Intl105 deg204 nm02/09/201915/10/2019-
5VNKT Tribhuvan IntlVNLK Lukla90 deg73 nm09/09/201915/10/2019-
6VNLK LuklaVNTR Tumlingtar132 deg33 nm09/09/201915/10/2019-
7VNTR TumlingtarVNKT Tribhuvan Intl283 deg100 nm09/09/201915/10/2019-
8VNKT Tribhuvan IntlVNLK Lukla90 deg73 nm16/09/201915/10/2019-
9VNLK LuklaVNKT Tribhuvan Intl270 deg73 nm16/09/201915/10/2019-
10VNKT Tribhuvan IntlVNRC Ramechhap115 deg42 nm23/09/201922/10/2019-
11VNRC RamechhapVNTR Tumlingtar94 deg61 nm23/09/201922/10/2019-
12VNTR TumlingtarVNLD Lamidada262 deg28 nm23/09/201922/10/2019-
13VNLD LamidadaVNBJ Bhojpur107 deg21 nm23/09/201922/10/2019-
14VNBJ BhojpurVNKT Tribhuvan Intl290 deg96 nm23/09/201922/10/2019-
15VNKT Tribhuvan IntlVNGK Gorkha294 deg51 nm30/09/201930/10/2019-
16VNGK GorkhaVNPK Pokhara288 deg28 nm30/09/201930/10/2019-
17VNPK PokharaVNKT Tribhuvan Intl112 deg79 nm30/09/201930/10/2019-
18VNKT Tribhuvan IntlVNJS Jomsom306 deg108 nm07/10/201911/11/2019-
19VNJS JomsomVNBL Baglung185 deg34 nm07/10/201911/11/2019-
20VNBL BaglungVNPK Pokhara92 deg17 nm07/10/201911/11/2019-
21VNPK PokharaVNDP Dolpa307 deg77 nm14/10/201918/11/2019-
22VNDP DolpaVNJL Jumla297 deg37 nm14/10/201918/11/2019-
23VNJL JumlaVNST Simikot335 deg46 nm14/10/201918/11/2019-
24VNST SimikotVI1E Thoise321 deg360 nm21/10/201925/11/2019-
25VI1E ThoiseVILH Leh164 deg32 nm28/10/201902/12/2019-
26VILH LehVI57 Thoise344 deg32 nm28/10/201902/12/2019-
27VI57 ThoiseOPSD Skardu294 deg100 nm28/10/201902/12/2019-
28OPSD SkarduOPGT Gilgit300 deg68 nm04/11/201909/12/2019-
29OPGT GilgitTJ0E Murgab353 deg137 nm04/11/201909/12/2019-
30TJ0E MurgabOPRN Chaklala189 deg278 nm11/11/201931/12/2019himalayadaredevils

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