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Propilot Event Details

Kiwi North
(Cessna 172)


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Pilots participating

EHM-2758 Peter BleekemolenNZKKEHM-1829 Trevor BoltonNZKTEHM-2463 Jonathan DaviesNZKT
EHM-1328 Willem De GraafNZKTEHM-2684 Andrzej GladkowskiNZKKEHM-2465 James HutchinsonNZKT
EHM-2387 Eric-jan OudNZKKEHM-1882 Giancarlo RandazzoNZKKEHM-2589 David SifuentesNZKT
EHM-2131 Bruce ThomasLPPTEHM-2097 Andrei VatasescuNZKKEHM-1800 Franz ZeitelhoferNZKT


easy going C172 VFR scenic flights


Taking a tour of the North Island of New Zealand. Scenic short routes that look like they were designed for G.A. VFR flights! So take it easy, sit back, and enjoy the views :)


Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Opens Closes Award
1NZKT KaitaiaNZKK Kerikeri110 deg33 nm05/05/202105/06/2021-
2NZKK KerikeriNZWR Whangarei143 deg38 nm12/05/202112/06/2021-
3NZWR WhangareiNZAR Ardmore158 deg81 nm19/05/202119/06/2021-
4NZAR ArdmoreNZTG Tauranga123 deg70 nm26/05/202126/06/2021-
5NZTG TaurangaNZRO Rotorua167 deg27 nm02/06/202103/07/2021-
6NZRO RotoruaNZWK Whakatane68 deg30 nm09/06/202110/07/2021-
7NZWK WhakataneNZGS Gisborne131 deg67 nm16/06/202117/07/2021-
8NZGS GisborneNZWO Wairoa232 deg34 nm23/06/202124/07/2021-
9NZWO WairoaNZNR Napier222 deg37 nm30/06/202131/07/2021-
10NZNR NapierNZHS Hastings203 deg12 nm07/07/202107/08/2021-
11NZHS HastingsNZPM Palmerston North232 deg67 nm14/07/202114/08/2021-
12NZPM Palmerston NorthNZMS Masterton178 deg39 nm21/07/202121/08/2021-
13NZMS MastertonNZWN Wellington Intl240 deg43 nm28/07/202128/08/2021-
14NZWN Wellington IntlNZPP Paraparaumu18 deg27 nm04/08/202104/09/2021-
15NZPP ParaparaumuNZWU Wanganui1 deg57 nm11/08/202111/09/2021-
16NZWU WanganuiNZNP New Plymouth325 deg69 nm18/08/202118/09/2021-
17NZNP New PlymouthNZAP Taupo79 deg91 nm25/08/202125/09/2021-
18NZAP TaupoNZTT Te Kuiti300 deg51 nm01/09/202102/10/2021-
19NZTT Te KuitiNZHN Hamilton18 deg28 nm08/09/202109/10/2021-
20NZHN HamiltonNZAA Auckland Intl333 deg58 nm15/09/202116/10/2021-
21NZAA Auckland IntlNZKT Kaitaia327 deg137 nm22/09/202123/10/2021kiwi21

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