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Propilot Event Details

French Polynesia Event
(Cessna 172)


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Pilots participating

EHM-2758 Peter BleekemolenNTGFEHM-1829 Trevor BoltonNTAAEHM-2463 Jonathan DaviesNTAA
EHM-1212 Dorin FloreaNTAAEHM-2684 Andrzej GladkowskiNTGFEHM-2465 James HutchinsonNTAA
EHM-2387 Eric-jan OudNTAAEHM-1882 Giancarlo RandazzoNTGVEHM-2589 David SifuentesNTAA
EHM-2131 Bruce ThomasNTAAEHM-1800 Franz ZeitelhoferNTAA 


Easy going. Legs are 100 to 300 nm, so do-able with a Single Engine Propeller plane


Island hopping on the date border. Well be bringing tourists to their final destination from the main F.P. airport Faaa International Airport (NTAA). Beautiful scenery to fly over!


Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Opens Closes Award
1NTAA FaaaNTTP Maupiti294 deg166 nm23/10/202123/11/2021-
2NTTP MaupitiNTAA Faaa114 deg166 nm30/10/202130/11/2021-
3NTAA FaaaNTGF Fakarava68 deg245 nm06/11/202107/12/2021-
4NTGF FakaravaNTAA Faaa248 deg245 nm13/11/202114/12/2021-
5NTAA FaaaNTGV Mataiva17 deg170 nm20/11/202121/12/2021-
6NTGV MataivaNTAA Faaa197 deg170 nm27/11/202128/12/2021-
7NTAA FaaaNTGU Arutua50 deg220 nm04/12/202104/01/2022-
8NTGU ArutuaNTAA Faaa230 deg220 nm11/12/202111/01/2022-
9NTAA FaaaNTKR Takaroa54 deg323 nm18/12/202118/01/2022-
10NTKR TakaroaNTAA Faaa234 deg323 nm25/12/202125/01/2022-
11NTAA FaaaNTGC Tikehau28 deg166 nm01/01/202201/02/2022-
12NTGC TikehauNTAA Faaa208 deg166 nm08/01/202208/02/2022-
13NTAA FaaaNTTB Motu Mute298 deg140 nm15/01/202215/02/2022-
14NTTB Motu MuteNTAA Faaa118 deg140 nm22/01/202222/02/2022-
15NTAA FaaaNTKR Takaroa54 deg323 nm29/01/202201/03/2022-
16NTKR TakaroaNTAA Faaa234 deg323 nm05/02/202208/03/2022-
17NTAA FaaaNTTH Fare302 deg96 nm12/02/202215/03/2022-
18NTTH FareNTAA Faaa122 deg96 nm19/02/202222/03/2022-
19NTAA FaaaNTTR Uturoa295 deg118 nm26/02/202229/03/2022-
20NTTR UturoaNTAA Faaa115 deg118 nm05/03/202205/04/2022French Polynesia

Signing up for this event is now closed