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7 Wonders of Nature
(Boeing 767-300 ER)


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Pilots participating

EHM-1465 Dominic MahonSEQU  


Challenging: This one will test your fuel management skills and your short field operations technique, possibly with bad weather.


We will visit the 7 Wonders of the World, Nature Edition. Its only 7 destinations (6 legs), but they are all challenging in their own way. Either long distance, or challenging runways for a heavy aircraft - especially in bad weather


Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Opens Closes Award
1SEQU Mariscal Sucre IntlSBFI Cataratas Do Iguacu Intl137 deg2,067 nm29/10/202229/11/2022-
2SBFI Cataratas Do Iguacu IntlFACT Cape Town Intl97 deg3,763 nm05/11/202206/12/2022-
3FACT Cape Town IntlWADD Bali Intl74 deg5,434 nm12/11/202213/12/2022-
4WADD Bali IntlVVNB Noibai Intl342 deg1,882 nm19/11/202220/12/2022-
5VVNB Noibai IntlRKPC Cheju Intl56 deg1,323 nm26/11/202227/12/2022-
6RKPC Cheju IntlRPVP Puerto Princesa196 deg1,490 nm03/12/202203/01/20237wondersofnature

Signing up for this event is now closed