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French Territories
(Cessna 172)


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Pilots participating

EHM- EHM-1829 Trevor BoltonTFFGEHM-2463 Jonathan DaviesTKPK
EHM-2465 James HutchinsonTFFGEHM-2387 Eric-jan OudTFFGEHM-2589 David SifuentesTFFJ
EHM-2131 Bruce ThomasTKPK  


Smooth Sailing, with legs varying from 8 to 105nm GCD. Some grass strips, some short strips, some short grass strips... But all well do-able in a C172 or similar. But any class 1 or 2 airplane is allowed for this event.


Re-living the holiday trip around the French Territories that a friend made in real life. He did this partly by plane, partly by cruise ship, but we are doing all by plane, of course :) Tropical sun, beaches, cocktails, beautiful scenery ... whats not to likae :)


Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Opens Closes Award
1TFFG Grand CaseTFFJ St Barthelemy I135 deg17 nm28/01/202328/02/2023-
2TFFJ St Barthelemy ITKPK Robert L Bradshaw Intl168 deg37 nm04/02/202307/03/2023-
3TKPK Robert L Bradshaw IntlTFFR Le Raizet132 deg93 nm11/02/202314/03/2023-
4TFFR Le RaizetTDCF Canefield Intl172 deg56 nm18/02/202321/03/2023-
5TDCF Canefield IntlTLPL Hewanorra Intl164 deg100 nm25/02/202328/03/2023-
6TLPL Hewanorra IntlTBPB Grantley Adams Intl114 deg94 nm04/03/202304/04/2023-
7TBPB Grantley Adams IntlTVSB J.F. Mitchell267 deg104 nm11/03/202311/04/2023-
8TVSB J.F. MitchellTFFF Le Lamentin9 deg98 nm18/03/202318/04/2023-
9TFFF Le LamentinTDPD Melville Hall342 deg60 nm25/03/202325/04/2023-
10TDPD Melville HallTFFR Le Raizet344 deg45 nm01/04/202302/05/2023-
11TFFR Le RaizetTKPK Robert L Bradshaw Intl312 deg93 nm08/04/202309/05/2023-
12TKPK Robert L Bradshaw IntlTNCE F.D. Roosevelt306 deg18 nm15/04/202316/05/2023-
13TNCE F.D. RooseveltTNCM Princess Juliana Intl346 deg34 nm22/04/202323/05/2023-
14TNCM Princess Juliana IntlTFFG Grand Case41 deg5 nm29/04/202330/05/2023French Territories

You are already signed up for this event
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