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Tour of Mediterranean

Tour of Mediterranean

Welcome to the Mediterranean Sea! This tour will guide you from the Iberian Penisula to the Middle East, passing my almost all the main islands on the Mediterranean Sea. Youll see beautiful places, like the Alexandria LightHouse, Jerusalem, or the Crete Island. Also, youll pass on Italy, and on the Balcans. Some landings are completely visual, so be ready for some hard approaches! This tour is open to any pilot with at least 40 hours.

Legs: Generic

Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Altitude
1LGAV AthensLTBA Ataturk51 deg300 nm0 ft
2LTBA AtaturkLCLK Larnaca Intl148 deg431 nm0 ft
3LCLK Larnaca IntlOSAP Aleppo Intl66 deg192 nm0 ft
4OSAP Aleppo IntlLLJR Jerusalem201 deg278 nm0 ft
5LLJR JerusalemHEPS Port Said257 deg156 nm0 ft
6HEPS Port SaidHEAX Alexandria267 deg118 nm0 ft
7HEAX AlexandriaHLLB Benina276 deg497 nm0 ft
8HLLB BeninaLMML Luqa308 deg366 nm0 ft
9LMML LuqaDTTA Carthage286 deg214 nm0 ft
10DTTA CarthageLIEO Costa Smeralda352 deg245 nm0 ft
11LIEO Costa SmeraldaLEMH Menorca255 deg250 nm0 ft
12LEMH MenorcaDAAG Houari Boumediene193 deg196 nm0 ft
13DAAG Houari BoumedieneLXGB Gibraltar AB265 deg415 nm0 ft
14LXGB Gibraltar ABLEVC Manises49 deg306 nm0 ft
15LEVC ManisesLEGE Girona45 deg207 nm0 ft
16LEGE GironaLFML Marseille/Provence49 deg142 nm0 ft
17LFML Marseille/ProvenceLDPL Pula76 deg385 nm0 ft
18LDPL PulaLDDU Cilipi126 deg235 nm0 ft
19LDDU CilipiLIRF Fiumicino260 deg271 nm0 ft
20LIRF FiumicinoLICR Reggio Calabria145 deg274 nm0 ft
21LICR Reggio CalabriaLGIR Nikos Kazantzakis109 deg487 nm0 ft
22LGIR Nikos KazantzakisLGAV Athens335 deg169 nm0 ft

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- You must have at least 40 hours at our airline
- Do all flights in order, the first flight starting and the last one ending at LGAV.
- You must use a class 3 aircraft minimum. - You may not switch planes you must fly all legs with the same plane. Its up to the pilots decision to choose an aircraft which is suitable for all flights. The most longer leg have 500 nm (HEAX - HLLB)
- Report the flights using the PIREP with flight numbers EHM-A850 ... EHM-A871.
- You may fly other flights (like EuroHarmony, EuroCargo) between the tour legs.
- Theres no time limit for completing the tour.
- If you fly the tour online (VATSIMIVAO), please include EuroHarmony Autumn in the Med Tour leg XX22 in your Flight Plan Comments.
- You have to respect any other restrictions regarding EuroHarmony flights found in the Operations Manual.
- After completing the tour, it will be automaticaly assign via the Award Engine.
- You may complete and report this tour only once in your pilot career for EuroHarmony