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A walk along the Amazon

A walk along the Amazon

You can read all about the long and gruelling walk that inspired this Tour at the following web address:-


Legs: Generic

Leg Origin Destination Radial Distance Altitude
1SPQU Rodriguez BallonSPZO Velazco Astete352 deg170 nm0 ft
2SPZO Velazco AsteteSPHY Andahuaylas262 deg83 nm0 ft
3SPHY AndahuaylasSPTE San Francisco339 deg75 nm0 ft
4SPTE San FranciscoSPPA Puerto Ocopa338 deg90 nm0 ft
5SPPA Puerto OcopaSPAY Atalaya55 deg43 nm0 ft
6SPAY AtalayaSPCL David Abenzur Rengifo341 deg150 nm0 ft
7SPCL David Abenzur RengifoSPON Orellana338 deg95 nm0 ft
8SPON OrellanaSPQN Requena34 deg134 nm0 ft
9SPQN RequenaSPQT Col Francisco Secada Vignetta23 deg84 nm0 ft
10SPQT Col Francisco Secada VignettaSKLT Alfredo Vasquez Cobo96 deg203 nm0 ft
11SKLT Alfredo Vasquez CoboSWOB Fonte Boa66 deg253 nm0 ft
12SWOB Fonte BoaSBTF Tefe122 deg95 nm0 ft
13SBTF TefeSWKO Coari114 deg104 nm0 ft
14SWKO CoariSBEG Eduardo Gomes Intl71 deg196 nm0 ft
15SBEG Eduardo Gomes IntlSBIC Itacoatiara93 deg94 nm0 ft
16SBIC ItacoatiaraSWPI Parintins74 deg106 nm0 ft
17SWPI ParintinsSBTB Trombetas17 deg75 nm0 ft
18SBTB TrombetasSBSN Santarem Intl120 deg112 nm0 ft
19SBSN Santarem IntlSNMA Monte Alegre59 deg50 nm0 ft
20SNMA Monte AlegreSNIN Prainha71 deg37 nm0 ft
21SNIN PrainhaSNYA Almeirim71 deg57 nm0 ft
22SNYA AlmeirimSBMZ Porto De Moz126 deg25 nm0 ft
23SBMZ Porto De MozSNGU Gurupa62 deg41 nm0 ft
24SNGU GurupaSBMQ Macapa Intl21 deg95 nm0 ft

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- You must have logged at least 10 hours at our airline
- Do all flights in order. The first leg starts at SPQU and the final leg ends at SBMQ.
- Plan your flights to take in the scenic views rather than flying via GPS Direct.
- There are a range of aircraft for you to fly the Tour in including all our Aeroclub planes plus some Class 1 props, feel free to choose the one you enjoy flying the most.
- You may not however switch planes - you must fly all legs with the same plane. So make sure you choose an aircraft which is suitable for all legs.
- There is no time limit for completing the tour.
- If you fly the tour online (VATSIM or IVAO), please include EuroHarmony Amazon Tour leg XX of 24 in your Flight Plan Comments.
- All our other normal flight rules apply - please see the EHM Operations Manual.