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Chit Chat / Re: Propilot
« Last post by EHM-2387 Eric-Jan on November 21, 2023, 09:55:05 am »
Hi all,

just to let you know that I indeed re-activted my IVAO account and flew online for a bit, just to get all updates out of the way, and to prove to myself that I could still fly ;)
Nice detail, that Bruce actually caught me flying :D

This does mean that my recovery is prograssing in the right direction, but I am nowhere near there yet. Everything still costs me a lot of energy, and my energy reserve is just not that big yet. Moving in the right direction, though, and I ampicking up more and more of the things that I used to love to do.
But progress is painstakingly slow. Also because I want to get back to my previous self too soon, probably. My doctor says I am a bit too optimistic about what I can do already, and that hinders my recovery. I need to take lots of rest, and let everything else go, if I want to recover quickly.

That said: I do want to create an online PP event to start from the new year.
I was thinking of copying an IVAO VFR Tour of some division.
Any preferences? I was thinking of the Aruba VFR tour 2016, as that is still open (and probably will be for a while ;) ) but that will take us along the "well known" carribbean fields - and some lesser known.
The thing is that most active tours have an end date of 31.12.2023 or 31.01.2024. And I don't think we can do 20 legs before that ;) So I might just have to wait until the 2024 tours come available.

In the mean time, if anyone has an leglist laying around, you are welcome to share it with me on
Chit Chat / Re: Propilot
« Last post by EHM-2131 Bruce on November 15, 2023, 10:45:06 pm »
Hello E-J, nice to see you back in the air today, hope your health has improved and your back to your normal self again , best regards Bruce EHM-2131
Chit Chat / Re: Propilot
« Last post by EHM-2589 David on October 21, 2023, 05:34:39 am »
Eric, take care and l wish you a full recovery, Sincerely ;)

See you soon guys :)
Chit Chat / Re: Propilot
« Last post by EHM-1829 Trevor on October 15, 2023, 09:44:25 am »

      Hi folks. Glad to see your on the road to recovery Eric, these last three years have been strange to say the least.
      Looking forward to seeing everyone back up and in the skies. ;)
Chit Chat / Re: Propilot
« Last post by EHM-2131 Bruce on October 12, 2023, 08:42:31 pm »
Hello E_J, Sorry to hear you have been unwell, glad you are doing the best thing and taking it slowly, increase activity one step at a time. Your health becomes paramount before anything else. take care and l wish you a full recovery, Best regards Bruce EHM2131 
Chit Chat / Re: Propilot
« Last post by EHM-2387 Eric-Jan on October 11, 2023, 05:51:23 pm »
        Hope Eric and all you guys are in good health. ;)

On that: I am recovering from a burn-out. Well on my way to recovery now, but that's about 4 months in, and it's going to take me about another half year to be back up on full speed again.

First thing to do when burned out is to quit everything and sleep, sleep, sleep. That brings back a bit of energy needed for further recuperation. Then, eventually, you can start adding things back to your ToDo list, but in very small increments.
I am working for three mornings a week again, and that's about what my energy level is able to do at the moment. But I am now feeling like it is time to expand on those hours. I finally feel like doing something other than the bare minimum again.
I feel like EHM activities are one of the next things on my list to add again, so I'll dig around for that PP event I had laying around alreadyy, and start entering it into the database.
Let's see if we can get this show on the road (in the air) again!
Chit Chat / Re: Propilot
« Last post by EHM-1829 Trevor on September 26, 2023, 01:54:30 pm »
        Hi Bruce and fellow pilots. I am in Holland until this evening.
        With the help of my Son I managed to access the files from
        FS9,etc, 22GB, so I could use F Logger, seems all is working
        even FS Navigator.
        Will download the files tomorrow at home.
        Hope Eric and all you guys are in good health. ;)
Chit Chat / Propilot
« Last post by EHM-2131 Bruce on September 26, 2023, 11:20:52 am »
Nice to see  someone else on propilot was feeling lonely, being the only one flying, Best Regards Bruce EHM2131
Flight Simulation Matters / Return of the...
« Last post by EHM-1001 on February 28, 2023, 07:41:29 am »
Hi mates,

Robert Szikszo here. After about 10 years of absence I am planning to return to flight simming and also to the community. But is is so hard.

First of all, I was waiting for 2 years so the chip prices were low enough. Finally I could build recently a tough Ryzen system, which can run smooth the long waitied MSFS 2020. But I am not satisfied :D In the good old days with FS2004 and FSX we had a ton of freeware stuff. We could fly almost free to anywhere. We could choose any good aircrafts. Freeware stuff was very good quality at the level of the sim capacity. Some were even better than the sim itself. Also there were a lot of paywere planes and scenery, and I could choose a few at my own taste. But now, I cannot find any good freeware stuff. The sim quality level became so high, it is understandable that noone wants to put hundreds of development hours to not get paid for it. 20€ for this plane 30€ for that airport... as I see it became a very very expensive hobby. I cannot really imagine how can you fly the 40 different EHM aircraft in the new world. OR do you still use FSX or FS2004?

So what is the situation now at EHM? Cheers all!
Flight Simulation Matters / IVAO Altitude
« Last post by EHM-2131 Bruce on February 22, 2023, 12:24:41 pm »
Hi All, Anybody  using Altitude to connect to IVAO, can download it from IVAO and it sits on my desk top, but cannot get it to load  into FSX, press connect but just goes back to connect, tried everything l can think of, follow the instructions in the manual, checked websites to see if there is something l missed, wonder is IVAP still  live ?. Best regards Bruce  EHM2131 
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