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Pilatus PC-12E - EuroBusiness

Class 3

Pilatus PC-12E
Climb Chart
Climb Chart
Descent Chart
Descent Chart
30 Operational
Pratt Whitney engines
1500 nm range
6 pax, 150 lbs cargo capacity

The Pilatus PC-12 is a corporate commuter and utility turboprop aircraft. The aircrafts first flight was in 1991. The aircraft is certified in 20 countries and over 1000 PC-12 aircraft have now been delivered.

The aircraft, which seats up to nine passengers, is configured in VIP, business passenger and combined passenger cargo configurations. The aircraft is also supplied in the PC-12 Spectre variant which is a family of special mission surveillance aircraft. The PC-12 is certified for flight for single pilot commercial instrument flight rules (IFR) operation and for operation in known icing conditions. The aircraft can operate from short fields, grass and unmade runways.

General Information
Length14.4 m
Wingspan16.23 m
Height4.27 m
EnginePW PT6A67
Cruise Speed270 kts
Service Ceiling30,000 ft
Gross Weight4.7 t
Capacity6 pax | 150 lbs
Crew1+1 pilots
Price4.5M EUR
Operating Information
OEW6,370 lbs
MTOW10,450 lbs
Fuel Capacity402 gal
Fuel Weight2,700 lbs
Long Range AltitudeFL260
Long Range Speed240 kts
Max Speed270 kts
Range (MLoad...MFuel) 1,500... 2,200
Engine Thrust1200 HP
Takeoff RWY Length (Min)1,500 ft
Takeoff RWY Length (Max)2,300 ft
Landing RWY Length1,500 ft
V Rotate / Flaps85kts / 10 deg
V Approach / Flaps85kts / 40 deg
Max climb rate3000 ft/min
Max descent rate-3000 ft/min
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Liveries and Downloads

MSFS 2002

Pilatus PC-12EMSFS 2002

MSFS 2004

Pilatus PC-12EMSFS 2004
Pilatus PC-12EMSFS 2004 (Flight1)


Pilatus PC-12EMSFS X
Pilatus PC-12EMSFS X (Flight1)

X-Plane 9

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