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Airbus A320-200 - EuroHarmony

Class 5

Airbus A320-200
Climb Chart
Climb Chart
Descent Chart
Descent Chart
83 Operational
6 Operational - Event Spare
CFM International engines
2600 nm range
150 pax, 1 t cargo capacity

In February 1981, Airbus Industrie decided to build a short range aircraft to enter into competition with Boeings 737 and Douglass MD80-series. Even though the A320 was supposed to be the direct rival to these two aircraft series, Airbus was determined to develop a completely new aircraft type for the short and medium range market: The cabin is larger (more passenger comfort, larger cargo capacity), a new wing concept, developed by BAe together with new engines by CFM or IAE and fly-by-wire computerized flight controls are new standards set by the Airbus A320.

The computer assures a very high safety standard by adjusting the airplanes in-flight attitude and smoothens the pilots input. The pilots operate the aircraft via joysticks. But also the materials used in constructing the A320 were new: Synthetic material is used to make the aircraft lighter as well as more resistant.

General Information
Length37.57 m
Wingspan34.1 m
Height11.8 m
EngineCFM 56-5B4
Cruise Speed470 kts
Service Ceiling39,000 ft
Gross Weight75.5 t
Capacity150 pax | 1 t
Crew2 pilots 5 air hosts
Price51M EUR
Operating Information
OEW90,400 lbs
MTOW162,040 lbs
Fuel Capacity6,300 gal
Fuel Weight42,230 lbs
Long Range AltitudeFL370
Long Range Speed450 kts
Max Speed492 kts
Range (MLoad...MFuel) 2,600... 3,200
Engine Thrust2x27000
Takeoff RWY Length (Min)6,300 ft
Takeoff RWY Length (Max)7,300 ft
Landing RWY Length5,000 ft
V Rotate / Flaps140kts / 10 deg
V Approach / Flaps135kts / 35 deg
Max climb rate4000 ft/min
Max descent rate-4000 ft/min
You will be able to fly this aircraft in 4 promotions

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