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Boeing 747-400F - EuroCargo

Class 7

Boeing 747-400F
Climb Chart
Climb Chart
Descent Chart
Descent Chart
26 Operational
Rolls-Royce engines
4400 nm range
0 pax, 113 t cargo capacity

The 747-400 is the latest, longest ranging and best selling model of the 747 family. The 747-400 externally resembles the -300, but it is a significantly improved aircraft. Changes include a new, two crew digital flight deck with six large CRT displays, an increased span wing with winglets, new engines, recontoured wingfuselage fairing, a new interior, lower basic but increased max takeoff weights, and greater range.

The latest model is the 747-400ER, which was launched on November 28, 2000. A cargo version, the 747-400ERF, followed the standard -400ER, and was launched April 30, 2001. The 747s that EuroCargo use are the older version 747-400F Freighter which combines the 747-200Fs fuselage with the -400s wing. Gmax model by Meljet.

General Information
Length70.67 m
Wingspan64.44 m
Height19.41 m
EngineRR RB-211
Cruise Speed490 kts
Service Ceiling45,000 ft
Gross Weight385 t
Capacity0 pax | 113 t
Crew2 pilots 4 loaders
Price220M EUR
Operating Information
OEW366,080 lbs
MTOW850,000 lbs
Fuel Capacity53,985 gal
Fuel Weight360,220 lbs
Long Range AltitudeFL400
Long Range Speed504 kts
Max Speed540 kts
Range (MLoad...MFuel) 4,400... 7,500
Engine Thrust4 X 59500 LB
Takeoff RWY Length (Min)9,500 ft
Takeoff RWY Length (Max)10,500 ft
Landing RWY Length8,000 ft
V Rotate / Flaps180kts / 10 deg
V Approach / Flaps160kts / 30 deg
Max climb rate3500 ft/min
Max descent rate-3000 ft/min
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Liveries and Downloads

MSFS 2002

Boeing 747-400FMSFS 2002

MSFS 2004

Boeing 747-400FMSFS 2004
Boeing 747-400FMSFS 2004
Boeing 747-400FMSFS 2004 (PMDG)
Boeing 747-400FMSFS 2004 (PMDG)


Boeing 747-400FMSFS X
Boeing 747-400FMSFS X
Boeing 747-400FMSFS X (PMDG)
Boeing 747-400FMSFS X (PMDG)