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Boeing MD-17 - EuroCargo

Class 6

Boeing MD-17
Climb Chart
Climb Chart
Descent Chart
Descent Chart
21 Operational
Pratt Whitney engines
2900 nm range
0 pax, 78 t cargo capacity

The portly but manoeuvreable C-17 was born in to become the backbone of the USAFs strategic transport force. The development of the C-17 began in February 1980 when USAF ordered a new cargo transport, for replacing the C-141 Starlifter and supplanting the C-5 Galaxy heavy transport aircrafts. The contract was won by McDonnell-Douglas, and they delivered the first aircraft in 1993.

The aircraft cockpit features digital displays and Fly-By-Wire control system. The aircraft have the same PW-2040 turbofan engines, that are also used on the Boeing 757. The placement of engines led to STOL capabilites, and operation of the aircraft on relatively short runways. EuroCargo is among the few operators which already uses the commercial version designated to MD-17.

FS20022004 Gmax model by Mike Stone.

General Information
Length53.04 m
Wingspan51.71 m
Height16.79 m
EnginePW 2040
Cruise Speed460 kts
Service Ceiling44,000 ft
Gross Weight265 t
Capacity0 pax | 78 t
Crew2 pilots 3 loaders
Price190M EUR
Operating Information
OEW269,000 lbs
MTOW585,000 lbs
Fuel Capacity27,424 gal
Fuel Weight183,740 lbs
Long Range AltitudeFL300
Long Range Speed444 kts
Max Speed480 kts
Range (MLoad...MFuel) 2,900... 3,800
Engine Thrust4 x 40400
Takeoff RWY Length (Min)6,000 ft
Takeoff RWY Length (Max)7,600 ft
Landing RWY Length3,000 ft
V Rotate / Flaps130kts / 20 deg
V Approach / Flaps110kts / 40 deg
Max climb rate4000 ft/min
Max descent rate-4000 ft/min
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Liveries and Downloads

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