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Sukhoi 80 - EuroHarmony

Class 1

Sukhoi 80
Climb Chart
Climb Chart
Descent Chart
Descent Chart
31 Operational
General Electric engines
1200 nm range
26 pax, 1,000 lbs cargo capacity

The Sukhoi Su-80 transport aircraft is being developed to replace a large fleet of aging Antonov and Yakovlev short or medium haul turboprop aircraft. The aircrafts configuration can be easily changed from passengers to cargo and back again, giving operators real flexibility. The unusual wing configuration allows the Su-80 to adapt to passenger and cargo flights, military and even scientific research operations.

EuroHarmony replaced an older and not-so-popular Class 1 aircraft with this fresh, new aeroplane. Excellent flight dynamics, STOL capabilities great reliability makes this airliner a pleasure to fly which injects some fresh blood into EuroHarmonys entrance class.

General Information
Length18.26 m
Wingspan23.18 m
Height5.58 m
EngineGE CT7-9B
Cruise Speed250 kts
Service Ceiling24,500 ft
Gross Weight14.2 t
Capacity26 pax | 1000 lbs
Crew2 pilots 1 air-host
Price4.8M EUR
Operating Information
OEW19,050 lbs
MTOW31,310 lbs
Fuel Capacity950 gal
Fuel Weight6,400 lbs
Long Range AltitudeFL200
Long Range Speed250 kts
Max Speed290 kts
Range (MLoad...MFuel) 1,200... 2,000
Engine Thrust2x1870 HP
Takeoff RWY Length (Min)1,800 ft
Takeoff RWY Length (Max)2,200 ft
Landing RWY Length1,200 ft
V Rotate / Flaps110kts / Down
V Approach / Flaps100kts / Full
Max climb rate3000 ft/min
Max descent rate-3000 ft/min

Liveries and Downloads

MSFS 2002

Sukhoi 80MSFS 2002

MSFS 2004

Sukhoi 80MSFS 2004


Sukhoi 80MSFS X