"The Wings of Europe"

Historical Fleet

Euroharmony Eurobusiness Eurocargo Euroholidays
Class 1
Small Turboprops - FO
Dornier 228-100
Douglas DC-3
Junkers Ju-52
Class 2
Medium Turboprops - TC
Class 3
Large Turboprops - STC
Fokker 50
Class 4
Regional Jets - FC
Fokker 70
Dassault Falcon 50EX
Antonov AN-72
Class 5
Mid-size Jets - CC
Douglas DC-8-30
Embraer 145XR
Boeing 737-400
Class 6
Large Jets - SCC
Ilyushin 96-300
Class 7
Transcontinental - ATP
Lockheed Tristar

In order to better support multiple flight-simulators and allow you more simming enjoyment, we operate a relaxed policy on our aircraft types.

This means that while the official fleet aircraft and supporting files are listed, you may fly a close variant aircraft. E.G. An MD-81 or MD-82 may be flown as a substitute for the MD-83, an Airbus A300F instead of the A310-300F, a 747-200 instead of the 747-400 and a CRJ-200 instead of the Challenger 850.

Substantially different types may not be flown as a substitute. A Sequioa Falco may not be flown in place of a Cessna, and a 727-200 may not be flown in place of an MD-11.